Competition Should Drive Innovation Not Imitation


Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.”- Nancy Pearcy, Author.

Some years ago FIFA’s Former President Sepp Blatter was asked, who was better between Messi & Ronaldo, he replied that the world will be boring without the two of them, he said imagine everyone played like Messi in the world no competition it will be boring and vice-versa in respect to Ronaldo.


Some years ago also, Coca-Cola launched the campaign of putting local names of citizens on their pet bottles and everyone was out there grabbing a coca-cola bottle that had their name and it drove sales. Imagine Pepsi imitating that?? It would have been boring right and we will refer to them as copy-cats.

Pepsi did their own version which was tagged “Longer-throat” bottle which was a huge success and increased sales of the product so much because Nigerians love quantity that also comes at a good price.

Competition should help you do three things:

  • Inspire
  • Learn
  • Innovate and not imitate.

You can’t go far with imitation but with innovation the world is yours.

Who is better between Burna, Wizkid and Davido? They are all creative geniuses. None