Nestlé’s Maggi Supports over 100,000 Households at Ramadan

Nestlé’s Maggi

As has been its tradition in the past 10 years, Maggi supported over 100,000 individuals in households across Nigeria during the Ramadan season. From the start to the end of the season, the Maggi team was fully involved in providing healthy and nutritious food products for families at Sahur and Iftar.

Working with nutritionists and food enthusiasts, the brand also provided nutrition education to help them make healthy nutrition choices.

In the spirit of sharing and performing acts of service, Maggi gave out to shoppers one million gift items through the Ramadan Shopper Promo starting from two weeks before Ramadan until the end of the season.

Nestlé’s Maggi

Over 100,000 consumers were also given free food items including rice, vegetable oil, spaghetti seasoning, including donations to 160 charitable organizations and mosques, and door to door (Gida Gida) visits 1,250 homes to share healthy food items.

To support healthy nutrition, Maggi launched the Maggi Ramadan Diaries, a TV and radio programme That aired for all 30 days of the fast across multiple television stations, radio stations and online platforms.

The cooking show provided tips on healthy lifestyles, shared knowledge about quick and delicious recipes and nutritious tips on Iftar and Sahur.


To round off the Eid celebrations, Nestlé Nigeria hosted consumers at a sumptuous dinner themed, ‘Maggi Food and Everything Else.’ Participants shared in a delicious Eid experience, with meals showcasing the best of Northern cuisine prepared by foremost chefs and food enthusiasts.

Speaking on Nestlé’s commitment to supporting individuals and families during Ramadan over the past ten years, Category Manager for Culinary, Nestlé Nigeria, Mrs Nwando Ajene said:

“Ramadan is a special season for renewed dedication to the values of service and sharing goodness; values which Maggi also firmly represents.

Looking back on the past year, 2021 brings a fresh appreciation of the joy and privilege of coming together. Today, therefore, we want to share goodness with our consumers, stakeholders and Influencers who have been a part of this Maggi Ramadan experience over the past ten years.

We are happy to have been a part of the Ramadan journey, and we will continue to support individuals and families to make healthier and tastier food choices every day.”

Jamilah Lawal, a Social Media Influencer had this to say about her experience;

“Participating in ‘Maggi Dairies’ is an opportunity for me to share nutrition tips with countless people during Ramadan. This year is special as we all recover from the impact of the pandemic. If there is anything we learnt from 2020, it is the importance of healthy nutrition every day.

Over the past years, I have seen the impact of improved nutrition on many families, and many more food enthusiasts have joined the campaign to promote healthier nutrition. I cannot thank Maggi enough for this platform which I will always support.”