How To Build Relationships On LinkedIn

How To Build Relationships On LinkedIn-Brand Spur Nigeria
How To Build Relationships On LinkedIn-Brand Spur Nigeria

LinkedIn is the largest social networking platform for meeting and connecting with people in the professional or business world. LinkedIn opens a world for networking, learning new skills, and generating possible leads for marketing.

Many have failed to utilize this medium to build professional relationships that would benefit them. The lack of attempt to build relationships with some of your connections on LinkedIn makes the value and potentials offered by LinkedIn go to waste.

So you may be wondering how you can put LinkedIn into better use to find relevant contacts to network with for different purposes and while this purposes might include a search for a mentor or attempts to sell to a potential lead or prospect, this principles applies to all, just tweak and use as it is deemed fit.

Here are steps to follow to build a relationship:

1. Identify why you would love to connect: Knowing the purpose why a connection to certain key of people allows you to filter connection you think might not be necessary for your goal be it career growth or mentorship.

2. Research about your potential connection
Try and research the person you want to connect with. Research by checking their profile to see what potentials the person has to offer and what similarities or goal you share with the person as it would help me create a better conversation when chatting.

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3. Go Straight to the Point
Learn to be intentional when connecting by sending a personalized message making the person aware of your intentions but this works well if you are not selling to them. If you intend to sell or generate a lead, then slowly nurture and develop the relationship.

4. Keep the conversation going:
You can do this through the building conversations on the initial reason of connecting while adding topics centered around what similarities or interest you share based on what the person profile suggests.

These four steps would help you start a new relationship with a LinkedIn connection that can lead to an offline conversation and even friendship. Play with them and use them as they sought your intentions.