95% Of Chinese Fans Use Social Media For Football

95% Of Chinese Fans Use Social Media For Football-Brand Spur Nigeria
95% Of Chinese Fans Use Social Media For Football-Brand Spur Nigeria

…48% Think Social Media Presence Can Be Better

Chinese football fans are the world’s most active social media users and use it as their primary source for anything revolving around football.

According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites, 95% of Chinese football fans use social media with regards to European Football, while 48% also believe that clubs can improve their social media presence.

Football Fans From China Most Active Social Media Users

Football is a global sport but that has become even more apparent in the last few decades. Domestic European football leagues such as the Premier League and the Bundesliga, are now followed by millions around the world. This gives clubs a limitless source of potential new fans and followers which could translate into hundreds of millions of Euros.

China is one of the biggest growth markets in the world for many industries, and European football is one of them. The Chinese population is also one of the most active social media users in the world and an astounding 95% of football fans from China engage with their clubs through social media.

When compared with the rates of fans from Europe’s ‘Big-5’, Italy is the closest to China’s percentage with only 80% of Italian football fans who use social media to engage with their club. Fans from Germany had the lowest rate out of Europe’s Big-5 with only 70%.

Almost Half Of Chinese Football Fans Want Their Clubs To Improve Social Media Presence

52% of Chinese football fans also believe that Social Media is the best place to get information about football compared to the highest registered rate in Europe which was only 30% by the UK and French fans.

This high social media engagement rate is why Chinese football fans expect the most from their clubs when it comes to their social media presence. 48% of Chinese football fans believe that their club needs to improve its social media presence. In comparison, the highest rate from Europe’s Big-5 was only 30% from Spain.

The importance of social media to football clubs was highlighted during the pandemic when the lack of football matches meant that engagement had to find creative solutions. Despite Chinese football fans being the most active social media users, only 36% indicated that social media helped them stay connected with their clubs.

Spain had a higher rate at 37% while the rest of Europe registered rates near the 30% mark, despite having lower social media engagement than fans from China.

Rex Pascual, Sports editor at Safe Betting Sites, commented:

“The marketing potential of European football is still enormous despite already being a very lucrative industry. China still remains a promising growth market, and social media seems to be the best way to capture all the untapped potential with Chinese fans being the most active social media users in the world. With great demand comes great expectations, and football clubs should listen to the nearly 50% of Chinese football fans who think their club’s social media presence can be improved.”