Bitcoin Price will rise to $318,417 by December 2025 – Experts

Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin on hundred dollars bills | Photo by Bermix Studio

Crypto Experts has predicted that the Bitcoin Price Rising to $318,417 by December 2025. Some of the experts believe that the price of cryptocurrency will reach $160,000 by the end of the year.

Finder conducted a study to find out the future outlook of bitcoin as its popularity grows. “As awareness of cryptocurrencies continues to spread, all eyes are on bitcoin’s price. So we asked our panel of 42 cryptocurrency experts what’s in store for the coin,”.

The majority of panelists (61%) say Bitcoin is currently undervalued and on average the panel expects Bitcoin to end 2021 at US$66,284 per BTC. This is 28% higher than the panel’s end-of-2021 prediction back in December 2020, but 30% lower than the end-of-2021 prediction in April of this year.

The panelists include crypto asset managers, executives of crypto exchanges and other service providers, cryptoanalysts, professors, and lecturers at universities. Among various topics discussed was what the price of bitcoin will be at the end of the year and a few years from now.

Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin on hundred dollars bills | Photo by Bermix Studio

Furthermore, the “Panelists predict that by December 2030, the price of bitcoin will go up to a whopping $4,287,591 per BTC. However, the average is skewed by outliers – when we look at the median price prediction, the 2030 price forecast comes down to $470,000,” Finder wrote.

As for what the price of bitcoin will be at the end of the year, the majority of panelists (61%) said bitcoin is currently undervalued and on average the panel expected the price of the cryptocurrency at the end of 2021 to reach $66,284 per coin.

Wave Financial senior trader Justin Chuh gives a lower-than-average EOY prediction of US$56,000, but expresses confidence in Bitcoin as the “tried-and-true safe haven” of digital assets:

“As crypto-assets continue to spring up, most will ultimately fail, and funds will eventually rotate back to Bitcoin as the tried-and-true safe haven and store of wealth. Investors in alt coins ultimately must have some faith in cryptocurrencies. But when their flavour of the day fails, hopefully they realise only some of the digital assets in existence will actually accomplish what they need.”

Panellists like Thomson Reuters technologist and futurist Joseph Raczynski and Arcane Crypto analyst Vetle Lunde, who give EOY predictions of US$75,000 and US$120,000, respectively, attribute their predictions to the move toward the institutionalisation of Bitcoin.

“We’re standing in the midst of the institutionalisation of Bitcoin,” Lunde says. “More funds are joining the space, the first country has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, and we have several exchange-listed companies now owning Bitcoin. I believe this trend will continue onwards.”

However not everyone is as bullish. University of Canberra senior lecturer John Hawkins, who is among the most bearish and gives an EOY prediction of US$20,000, thinks that countries adopting Bitcoin will actually have a negative impact on its price:

“I’m assuming El Salvador adopting it as legal tender puts a floor for a while. But after the price has dropped a lot, they may remove the legal tender status.”

Trade the Chain cofounder Ryan Gorman gives a prediction just below the panel average at US$60,000 per BTC by EOY. According to Gorman, prices will not likely surpass previous highs in the near future. However, he does think that “some of the more outlandish price predictions we’ve seen are entirely plausible on a long enough time horizon.”