JOYTOPIA: BMW Set To Launch New Streaming Platform

JOYTOPIA: BMW Set To Launch New Streaming Platform-Brand Spur Nigeria
JOYTOPIA: BMW Set To Launch New Streaming Platform-Brand Spur Nigeria

BMW is set to unveil its own globally unique virtual world called JOYTOPIA.

JOYTOPIA will provide users with an unprecedented concert experience. As well as being live at the Coldplay performance, fans can also get actively involved in the event via avatars.

They will be able to dance along with the music through their invented character, get close to the stage and see the band in action from every angle.

The concert, which has been exclusively produced for BMW, will feature a setlist of four Coldplay songs, including their hit “Higher Power”. On 5 September the concert can be enjoyed around the clock.

BMW takes brand communications to a new level

“With JOYTOPIA we have created our own metaverse. This sees us responding to the demand from our customers for individualised experiences in the digital space,” says Stefan Ponikva, Vice President of Brand Communication and Brand Experience.

“We want to open up a new dialogue with audiences that shifts the status quo from brand interpretation to user interpretation. JOYTOPIA is a quantum leap for the digital world. It enables us to take brand communications to a new level,” adds Ponikva. JOYTOPIA is a new marketing instrument for the digital world

Easy access with no registration or password required

Mobility fans not physically attending the IAA motor show in Munich and therefore not able to visit the BMW Hubs at Max-Joseph-Platz in person can actively experience the vehicle vision highlights via JOYTOPIA. It is a platform all users can access freely via their browser and the URL It is not necessary to register with a name, e-mail address and password, and JOYTOPIA can be used without the need for a special app. However, the application is optimised for smartphones. The new virtual BMW world was created in cooperation with “Journee”, a globally leading technology platform for metaverse experiences.

Academy Award Winner Christoph Waltz to moderate JOYTOPIA

JOYTOPIA guests are welcomed to the platform – which boasts impressive visual quality – by a virtual fox and are guided through the surreal worlds. The voice of the fox is that of Hollywood actor Christoph Waltz. “The future is what happens next and it’s entirely up to us to make it enjoyable. This was my first encounter with a metaverse.

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JOYTOPIA: BMW Set To Launch New Streaming Platform-Brand Spur Nigeria
JOYTOPIA: BMW Set To Launch New Streaming Platform-Brand Spur Nigeria

It’s not called JOYTOPIA for anything. The joy of… “ says the Academy Award Winner and alludes to the diversity of the virtual world. He captivates his audience by adding a dose of humour, turning even factual information into an entertaining experience for visitors to the site.

JOYTOPIA users will have fun navigating their way independently through three unique worlds as an avatar, using a map and signposts for help. The avatars can run, hop or fly, and users can choose their form and colour.

Similar to other gaming consoles, JOYTOPIA allows users to interact with other avatars and wave at them, for example. At public events, users can also create their own spaces. Selfies are possible, too, and can be posted directly to social media.

The three JOYTOPIA worlds are titled “Re:THINK”, “Re:IMAGINE” and “Re:BIRTH”. Each deals with themes of central importance for the future of the BMW Group. These include circular economy, electric mobility, urban mobility and sustainability.

In the “Re:THINK” world, users are introduced to the building blocks of the circular economy and the possibilities it brings. Circular economy is a central component of BMW’s sustainability strategy. The “Re:IMAGINE” world is the nucleus of the whole BMW brand family and the stage for important presentations and messages. And “Re:BIRTH” provides a close-quarters insight into the opportunities for individual mobility that will open up in cities in the future – visually showcased here by the MINI Vision Urbanaut. These three different virtual worlds are complemented by various entertainment offers and installations.

The website will go live on 5 September at 0:00 hrs CEST.