Twitter New Feature To Compete With Clubhouse Core Advantage

Twitter New Feature To Compete With Clubhouse Core Advantage

After launching Spaces, Twitter has been upgrading and innovating it’s features so as to make the experience better for users. Let’s not forget the company started Ticketed Spaces as a way to support creators on Twitter for their time and effort in hosting.

This tactic is a way to encourage more creators to use Spaces and encourage even existing creators to become more dependent on Twitter for their earnings.

The company recently tweeted “new in Spaces: Topics! when creating or scheduling a Space, some of you on Android can choose up to 3 Topics to tag it with from a list of our top 10 Topics. BUT it’s only 10 Topics for now and we’ll expand as we build together. This feature is only in English and is currently unavailable for IOS.

Twitter Spaces

What this means is that Twitter would be adding another feature, called “Topics” to Spaces. The new feature will allow hosts to add tags to their Spaces to help users find their audio rooms easily. You can add up to three relevant topics so that like-minded individuals can easily find you. However, functionality is currently restricted to just android users and there are only ten topics in total for users to pick from.

The Topics are only available in English.

Twitter New Feature To Compete With Clubhouse Core Advantage

This current functionality restriction to only android for the meantime makes it look like an exclusivity strategy to entice more android users. The opposite of Clubhouse strategy of opening their platform to just Iphone users.

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Twitter has made it known that iOS support is on the way and that the number of accessible Topics will expand “as we create together.”

The topics available on Twitter include Sports, Gaming, world news, Business and Finance, Music, Technology, Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Home and Family and Careers. These are among the first ten Topics available on Twitter.

Twitter Spaces

The new feature allows Twitter to imitate what clubhouse does with topics and clubs where users can explore and join where they are interested. This move would make these features a must-have or table stakes for brands playing in this space.

When these features become a regular functional attribute of Twitter and other competitors, clubhouse would find it hard to differentiate and would probably need more than functional differences to battle with Twitter. The current advantage of clubhouse might become a regular feature for other competitors if care is not taken.

The question now is would Twitter become the king of interactive audio experience or would clubhouse rise to the occasion and give their rivals a run for the money? On the long run, how relevant would clubhouse be in the midst of twitter, Spotify and other brands competing in that space? Time will tell!