The 10 Deadly Sins Of Marketing

    The 10 Deadly Sins Of Marketing

    There are many things that can go wrong in marketing. You should be aware of the deadly sins of marketing to avoid them.

    If they happen hmm!!!, however, let’s take a look at the 10 deadly sins of marketing

    1. The company is not sufficiently Market focused and Consumer-driven.

    2. The company does not fully understand its target Market and Consumers.

    3. The company needs to better define and monitor its competitors.

    4. The company has not properly managed its relationships with its internal and external stakeholders.

    5. The company is not #Innovative good at finding new opportunities.

    6. The company’s marketing plans and planning process are deficient. (Lacks insights and built on assumptions)

    7. The company’s Brands, Product, and Service policies need tightening.

    8. The company’s brand-building and communications skills are weak (not certain ‘how brands grow’)

    9. The company is not well organized to carry on effective and efficient marketing. old ways vs. new ways

    10. The company has not made maximum use of digital (process, people, promotions). Copied from Kotler and Keller (Defining Marketing for the 21st Century).