Gulder Ultimate Search Starts Hot As Contestants Argue First Night In The Jungle

Gulder Ultimate Search Starts Hot As Contestants Argue First Night In The Jungle
Gulder Ultimate Search Starts Hot As Contestants Argue First Night In The Jungle

What started as a rocky first day in the jungle escalated into an equally shaky first night for the Gulder Ultimate Search contestants as they got into a heated argument.

As the warriors settled down for the night, after a saltless yam and palm oil meal, a heated argument ensued at one corner of the camp between Chidimma, Jennifer, Omokhafe and Omoya. The ladies accused Omoya of peeping at them while they were bathing. As the arguments heated up, the rest of the contestants stepped in to try and resolve the situation.

Jennifer said while the ladies were bathing, they had put their lantern a little distance from them so the light wouldn’t reflect on them, but they would still be able to see. Jennifer stated that Omoya had passed by them, knowing fully well that they were bathing, and he also took their lantern to go and fetch water.

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As she explained what happened, Omoya began to shout and trade insults with Chidimma, calling her illiterate, while she said he didn’t have home training. Chidimma shed more light on the situation as she told the rest of the camp that when Omoya approached where they were, she told him to turn back as they were bathing. She said Omoya insisted that he wouldn’t look at them and still went ahead to take the lantern. She also questioned Omoya’s decision to fetch water when they went to bathe, saying why was it then he realised he wanted to get water.

Omoya’s defence was that the ladies were bathing on the roadside, which led to where he could get water and should have gone farther in. He also said that he assured them that he wasn’t facing their direction when they alerted him to their presence. This statement got Chidimma upset, and Mikel and Opeyemi had to step in to calm her down. The rest of the clan didn’t seem too inclined to involve themselves in the situation.

Eventually, they simmered down as they needed to get some rest for the day ahead of them. Who do you think was in the wrong, Omoya or the ladies? We wonder if the council of elders will have anything to say about what happened tonight.

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