Your Movie Playlist For A ‘Netflix And Chills’ Session This Halloween

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It’s Halloween season again and Netflix has got you covered on some of the darkest and eeriest movies you can find. What better way to spend the chilly night than with your home-made popcorn and your headphones plugged in? Halloween would not be fun without the movies that go along with it.

As Halloween gradually becomes part of Nigeria’s celebratory time of the year, with more fans showing their love for Halloween in different ways there’s nothing like a movie night with all the greatest chainsaw-wielding, spellbinding, hair-raising flicks to get you in the season. So, turn off all the lights, lock every door, and settle in for the best of the best Halloween movies.

Looking for something scary to watch this weekend, see this shortlist of ‘secret’ Netflix & Chills horror collections to have the best Halloween night this weekend. Click the link to your favourite collection or input the code by typing[add code number] to your web browser and then let the chills flow.

  • Psychological Horror Movies (4809): This collection is for those who love psychological horror. That is, horror with a particular focus on mental, emotional, and psychological states to frighten, disturb, or unsettle the audience. If you loved watching Split, you should check out this category.
  • Dark TV Horror (83161): This collection has the darkest horror movies you can find.
  • Horror Comedies (89585): If you would like to have a good laugh alongside your horror, you must check out this collection.
  • Horror Movies Based on Books (1751): This collection has some of the best horror movies you can find, like IT. Have you read the book and would like to see all the horror come alive visually? Then check this out.
  • Supernatural Thrillers (11140): Perfect for fans of gothic fiction, ghost stories, paranormal, horror, mysteries and thrillers, this collection has the best absorbing and enthralling thrillers on Netflix.
  • Scary Suspenseful Movies (38845): If you loved The Conjuring, this collection would satisfy your taste for scary, and suspense filled movies.

If you are not fear shaken enough and would like a whole lot more, you can check out these other collections Ghost-Story Horror Movies (14688), Halloween Favourites (81336575), Chilling TV Shows (87823), Gory Movies & TV (100068), Ominous Mysteries (83378) and Small Town Scares (81496215).

Have a lovely weekend of fake-out jump scares and creepy dream sequences. Happy Halloween!