Kiwi Largest Online Marketplace in Sub Saharan Africa

Kiwi Largest Online Marketplace in Sub Saharan Africa
Kiwi Largest Online Marketplace in Sub Saharan Africa

With millions of product SKUs from various categories and a strategic partnership with Bolloré Logistics, one of the biggest transport and logistics business in Africa, with more than 5,000 employees on the continent, Kiwi Pay Group is ready to launch the biggest online marketplace in Sub Saharan Africa.

Now Singapore-based fintech firm Kiwi Pay Group has been building its newest mobile application in stealth mode for the last few months, and is about to launch it in Cameroon first with a strategic partnership with the french group Bolloré Logistics, allowing them to offer millions of products from European retailers to the African market, with affordable price, local payment methods including credit cards and mobile money, and 4 to 5 days shipping
by air to various delivery collection points in the country.

Customers in Cameroon will be allowed to purchase products like books, DVDs, computers,
cosmetics, games, appliances and millions of other SKUs through this strategic partnership
and thanks to their mobile application in the weeks to come.

Kiwi Pay Group, Bolloré Logistics and the Customs Bureau of Cameroon signed a strategic
agreement on Wednesday 4th November 2021 in Douala to officialise their agreement.
Before then, Kiwi Pay Group has been signing strategic agreements with different economic
zones on the African continent like CEMAC, GIM-UEMOA and others, allowing them to offer
transactions in the local currency, FCFA.

“This strategic partnership with Bolloré Logistics and the Customs in Cameroon is allowing
us to benefit from the strong growth of the ecommerce in the country, while leveraging from
decades of experience from our partners to ensure a trustworthy experience for the
customers and compliance with the local tax system” declares FONGOD NUVAGA Edwin,
Director General of Customs in Cameroon.

Serge AGNERO, regional manager for Bolloré Transport & Logistics states “We are thrilled
to initiate this strategic partnership in Cameroon and the region with an experienced player
such as Kiwi Pay Group, to allow millions of local customers to benefit from attractive prices
from retailers in Europe, and be able to order quickly and securely the products they are
looking for, delivered at their place within a few days with our smooth service.”

Earlier this year, Kiwi Pay Group also launched its token KGO, that will be used as a way to
reward users of the app, on all sides, vendors, drivers and customers, to allow them to hold
it and use it later on for benefits on their ecommerce platform. The company plans to push
the token rewarding process as soon as they launch their ecommerce platform in Cameroon
and other markets in the upcoming few months.