From Bachelor Pad To A Couple-Friendly Love Nest

    From Bachelor Pad To A Couple-Friendly Love Nest
    From Bachelor Pad To A Couple-Friendly Love Nest

    Any bachelor heading for the altar has copious amounts of things on his To-do list. And, if the couple are moving into his home afterwards, there’s the added stress of turning a man cave into a love nest. Here’s some easy tips on how to smarten up your space for a marital home.

    TIP # 1 Make a good first impression

    First impressions count, so make the entrance to your home welcoming. Hang an ornate mirror or beautiful painting on the wall at the front door, and place an entrance table there for keys, handbags and parcels. An occasional chair in the entrance way is another simple way to add a touch of sophistication to the space.

    TIP # 2 Clean and tidy up

    Living rooms, guest rooms and shelves are usually the main culprits for clutter, so give them a quick clear out for a lighter feel. Next, take note of any carpet stains or stubborn grimy marks in areas like the shower or the oven. Look at your house through your bride-to-be’s eyes, and suddenly the need to freshen things up will take top priority.

    If you can, get your carpets steam-cleaned and curtains dry-cleaned, but if you don’t have the time, dust off all hanging lights, like pendants and chandeliers, wipe light switches clean and dust all shelves. In the kitchen, throw out old food in the fridge and grocery cupboard. Save yourself major stress in doing these chores by hiring an efficient, trustworthy cleaner from SweepSouth Connect to get the house sparkly clean, and help with time-intensive tasks like windows, cabinets, the fridge and oven.

    Tip # 3 Add gorgeous little touches

    Your bride-to-be will want to pick out big-ticket, standout pieces, like a couch, together with you, so rather update your space with smaller decor items. Dress up your sitting room with a sumptuous throw over the back of your old couch and scatter cushions on that couch. Mix up patterns, fabrics and shapes for maximum impact. Unsure how to start? Choose one in a striking pattern, then select others to complement it. Next, find a corner where you can create a statement, and put an oversized lamp there, or a small table with a beautiful vase or an eye-catching ornament placed on top.

    Tip # 4 Instant kitchen makeover hacks

    Give the kitchen a welcoming feel by hanging up colourful kitchen towels and swapping out drawer and cupboard handles with more elegant ones. For a pleasing aesthetic, get gorgeous matching appliances – especially ones like the toaster and kettle that typically live on the countertop. In the dining room, lay a runner across a bare table to add oomph, then place a shallow bowl or a big tray on top to complete the look.


    Tip # 5 Turn your bedroom into a haven

    This room will be your new haven as a couple, but your bride-to-be may have specific ideas on how to decorate it. For now, stick to giving it a neutral, chic palette that you can both later build on in terms of colour and decor. Choose a light ivory paint for the wall, and perhaps add a deep-pile cream rug to the floor. Add on to the luxe factor with a cosy throw or a soft comforter folded and placed at the foot of the bed, with plush new pillows.

    A stunning idea is to create one accent wall in the bedroom. Use a vibrant colour for instant drama and depth or play it safe and paint the focal wall a few shades darker than the surrounding walls. A smart way to choose which wall to paint is one that already highlights another focal point, such as a bed’s headrest or a couch. If you aren’t the DIY type, get in expert help – the Connect app has a list of reliable handymen, painters and electricians in your area.

    Tip # 6 Bathroom bliss

    A stack of new towels goes without saying but you might be getting those as wedding presents, so focus on other touches. Put up a Scandi-looking wooden or glass shelf – perfect to fill with scented candles. Also, ditch old toothbrush holders and get a pretty soap dispenser and toothbrush set to place next to the basin. Sweet-smelling soaps and extras like cotton wool and ear buds packed in the bathroom vanity cupboard are a nice touch.

    Tip # 7 For instant effect

    Try these two easy tips:

    • String up a thin piece of wire or line in front of a window, and use mini clothes pegs to clip on an array of photos of your favourite moments together. Or, as a surprise to welcome her on her first day, simply arrange the photos on the fridge with magnets.

    • Indoor plants are a cost-effective way to instantly breathe life into your home. Place an elegant orchid in the kitchen, or a palm floor plant in the corner of the sitting room. Plants are known for their therapeutic effects, with studies showing they lower stress levels. Some plants have fantastic air-cleansing benefits, too.