3 Tools To Help You Convert Images Into Text

3 Tools to help you convert images into text
3 Tools to help you convert images into text

This technique is mostly needed by the students but it is limited to students or educational tasks only but you can use it for many purposes.

We can say that we are living in a modern world and there is nothing difficult when you have the right equipment.

And it is not wrong to say that you can convert images to text only by using online tools and these tools are termed as the image-to-text converters.

You can easily access these converters online and the good thing is, you don’t need to pay a single penny for using these converters.

But the question is, are these tools are completely accurate or not?

It is somehow depending on the image like if you want to digitalize your handwritten notes then it is pretty obvious that the quality of writing must be good.

So, let’s see the features and the benefits of using the image-to-text converters.

Which technology is used in the image-to-text converters?

There is a technology named OCR which is quite common today is used in these images to text converters.

OCR stands for optical character recognition and it is considered as the only way to convert any image text into an original text file.

It basically recognizes the text in an image and then converts it in the form of the text and then you can use that textual file for any purpose.

And it is most needed when you are going to digitalize the handwritten notes.

How to convert an image into text?

As we all know that there are a number of tasks that are not possible manually and that’s why we need to use some online tools.

And same goes when you are going to convert your images into text like you need to use a tool that is named as an image-to-text converter.

We have mentioned above about this tool but it is not enough, we need to discuss some more features about this tool.

Or we can say that there are various converters but we need to find out the best one and we did it for you.

Let’s have a look at the shortlisted image-to-text converters.

Top 3 best image-to-text converters

As we have mentioned above that there are various converters that can help us in this context but we need to go for the best ones.

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And that’s the reason we are going to share the best or top-notch image-to-text converters.

1.     Editpad.org

Most of the people may get confused by seeing the name “Editpad” but make it clear that this platform provides many tools in which image-to-text converters and many more tools are included.

But when we talk about the image-to-text converter of Editpad, it is quite simple and anyone can use it for sure.

Not only the Editpad.org, but most of the converters also have the same working and easy steps to follow.

The main thing is, this tool is also working on the same technology which is named as optical character recognition.

All you need is to, put the image in this tool and you will be done by your side, you’ll get instant results in less time.

2.     Imagetotext.io

It’s just a drag-drop game!

You need to simply drag an image and drop it in the specified field and you can also use the option of uploading the image directly from your device.

When you are going to use some good converters, you’ll surely get some advanced features and here we have seen an advanced feature and that is choosing a language.

There are multiple languages available in this tool and you can easily select any one of them by the drop-down list.

You can also select multiple images at the same time so, it can be really helpful for this task.

3.     Photo scan

Same as the above-mentioned tools, this is also created for converting images into text and undoubtedly, it is efficient as well.

The working of this tool is the same as any other image-to-text converter like you need to drag an image and drop it in the specified portion or many converters provide the facility to upload directly.

When you are going to upload an image directly from your computer, it can be easy for you.


It is really fun when you are going to convert your images into text and we can say that sometimes, it becomes very helpful especially for students.

And that’s why we have discussed the top 3 online image-to-text converters that are really efficient and easy to use.