Trust Wallet Vs Metamask Wallet

Trust Wallet Vs Metamask Wallet
Trust Wallet Vs Metamask Wallet

Whenever it comes to cryptocurrencies, we want a place where we can store our funds securely. Or something that gives us easy access to our funds. And this is where crypto wallets come in pretty handy.

There are many crypto wallets available out there. But among them, Trust Wallet and Metamask are the most known ones.

But which one as an end-user should you use? Well, we will find this out in this Trust Wallet vs Metamask comparison.

In this article, I will talk about the features of both wallets and look at various factors. So here we go:

Trust Wallet vs Metamask: Which One should you use?

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is considered as one of the best cryptocurrency wallets available out there. The wallet was launched back in 2017, and since then, it is used by millions of users. Even the wallet was brought by Binance, one of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, back in 2018.

With the help of this wallet, you can securely store crypto assets. Plus, you get a smooth experience when it comes to transferring and receiving cryptocurrencies.

The app also comes with a web3 browser which you can use to access blockchain apps and games. Plus, you will be able to collect NFTs.

Also, it gives you access to the most recent DApps and DeFi platforms. Plus, the app is extremely easy to use, and it doesn’t require any of your personal information.


MetaMask is another popular crypto wallet that is available on mobile devices and a browser extension. The wallet also has millions of users, and it works on different web browsers flawlessly.

You can use MetaMask to store and manage your crypto transactions and account keys. Also, it gives you an easy way to transfer and receive Ethereum based tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Also, it comes with an in-build web3 browser that gives you access to decentralized apps. You can also use the app to collect NFTs and more.

The cool part is that it allows you to switch between a leading Ethereum network and a suitable test network with the help of custom RPC functionality. Like, you can add Binance or Polygon chains to the app and collect NFTs or access Dapps.

Trust Wallet vs Metamask: Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility, MetaMask is the clear winner. Although, both of the apps have apps for iOS and Android devices.

But Metamask comes with a browser extension that works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Edge, and other browsers.

As a result, you are also getting desktop support apart from mobile support. But with Trust Wallet, you are only limiting your access to Android or iOS devices.

So if you wish to use your hot wallet through your desktop, then MetaMask definitely comes in handy.

Trust Wallet vs MetaMask: Which is easier to use?

Both the wallets are pretty easy to use. But Trust Wallet is much safer and secures your transactions.

Also, storing and transferring your crypto assets are pretty easy. The best part of the app is that it supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Plus, you can buy your favorite coins within the app only.

Along with that, you get to swap and exchange options. Also, you can stake your coins and earn interest on them or connect with DeFi apps or collect NFTs.

On the other hand, MetaMask is also a pretty straightforward app. However, it doesn’t have support for a wide range of cryptos. But you would enjoy easy storage and management of your crypto transactions. You can easily transfer your funds.

MetaMask also allows you to buy crypto using Apple Pay or via bank transfer or debit card. Plus, like Trust Wallet, MetaMask also allows you to swap coins. But there is no staking feature.

Also, both the wallets have a QR code scan feature, which comes pretty handy for paying someone or on a website.

In addition to that, MetaMask comes with a custom token feature. You can use it to add any button with a single click. But Trust Wallet doesn’t have the same feature. Instead, you have to search for tokens using the search button.

Trust Wallet vs MetaMask: Supported Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to supported coins, Trust Wallet is definitely the best one. While both of the wallets support a wide range of cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum ecosystem.

Trust Wallet sets itself apart by offering support for not just ERC20 tokens. As well as different assets spread across 33 supported blockchains.

But if we look at MetaMask, it only supports the storage of ERC20 tokens. But you can store Bitcoin and other tokens on Metamask by using wrapped derivatives such as WBTC. But yes, that makes the whole thing a little complicated.

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Trust Wallet vs MetaMask: User Interface

When it comes to a user interface, I like Trust Wallet more. It has a simple to use UI and modern changes. It comes with a custom token button that lists all the potential tokens available. As a result, the app offers us a cleaner look.

On the other hand, MetaMask also has a clean user interface. It has a QR code scan feature placed at the top-right. This makes it quick for you to pay anyone. Unlike Trust Wallet, in which you have to tap on the coin to get the scan feature.

Trust Wallet vs MetaMask: Fees

When it comes to fees, Trust Wallet is quite friendly. As it does not charge any wallet fees. Usually, crypto wallets charge a small fee whenever you make a transaction. But the same does not go with Trust Wallet.

Even the wallet does not even charge any additional fees for swapping cryptos on the in-app DEX. Or when you use the DApp browser to interact with decentralized apps.

However, you will still need to pay for blockchain transaction fees that go to the miners. And this is something that every crypto exchange or wallet charges.

Similarly, MetMask also doesn’t have any wallet fees. But there is a transaction fee. This means you will have to pay a small amount of ethereum to complete a transaction.

The transaction fee is based on the network you choose. So if you use Binance smart chain, there will be a different fee than the fee on the ethereum chain.

Trust Wallet vs MetaMask: Standout Features

At one side, Trust Wallet offers you support for multiple blockchains. As well as it supports more than 250,000 digital assets. It offers you an easy to use crypto space where you can store your assets safely and securely. Plus, its built-in exchange feature allows you to instantly exchange tokens or buy crypto or stake them.

On the other side, MetaMask offers you a reliable security system. The good part is that you can connect to a DeX to swap any tokens. Also, it’s easy to use interface makes it pretty easy for us to interact with the decentralized applications across the Ethereum ecosystem.

Trust Wallet vs MetaMask: Which One is More Secure?

You can access the Trust wallet using private keys and keep your account locked. Although, these settings can be disabled from the App lock section. But most users prefer having the features.

Also, you can export your private keys and keep a six digit password to keep your wallet locket. Also, the trust wallet acts as cold storage when you are not logged into your account. As a result, your crypto assets remain safe.

However, the offline paper wallet or cold wallet can only be unlocked via a password. Also, the Trust wallet also allows you to keep your private key secure with bank level security.

Plus, you can keep your trust wallet locked using Face ID, Touch ID, and other password options. Also, it protects all your online interactions through the app’s military-grade encryption.

However, MetaMask doesn’t really have as many security features as Trust wallet. Although, the wallet uses open source code for high definition backup and security. But it lacks a high level of security compared to most other cold wallets.

Metamask has a 12 digital secret phrase that is required to recover a lost or hacked account. But it doesn’t offer you any public or private keys.

However, it allows you to generate passwords and keys on your phone and keeps your account secure. Plus, you will be able to control what information you share with the sites you use and what to keep private.

Trust Wallet vs MetaMask: Pros and Cons

Trust Wallet Pros

  • Supports a wide array of ERC20 tokens and non ERC20 tokens.
  • Comes with a Web3 browser in-built.
  • Allows you to earn interest through staking.

Trust Wallet Cons

  • There is no desktop support.

MetaMask Pros

  • Open source.
  • Private keys kept on the browser.
  • MetaMask has an intuitive user interface.

MetaMask Cons

  • Only supports Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.
  • There are security concerns.

 Final Words:

Overall, both of the wallets are pretty easy to use and offer you tons of features. On one side, Trust Wallet offers you support for several crypto assets. On the other hand, MetaMask makes it easy for you to conduct day-to-day transactions. So go ahead and check them out and see which one meets your requirements.