Uber Stops Services In Belgium

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Uber has stopped their services in Belgium after a court on Wednesday banning its peer to peer service which covers professional drivers the provision of its ride hailing service.

In a statement by  Belgium’s Uber Chief, Laurent Slitsagain, he  condemned  the government for not providing a reform which it has been soliciting for, stating that the decision was made depending on regulations which are now outdated as they were written before smartphones.

This also follows a temporary decision to discontinue uber’s service in Brussels, a decision which was referred to as “exceptional and unprecedented” by the tech giant.

The company further stated that it will be taking a step to complain about the lack of rules which stops drivers from using smartphones.

After the ruling by the Brussels appeal court, private hire vehicle drivers have been obstructing a major tunnel in the capital of Belgium.

In a report from Bloomberg, the shutdown will not be applicable to a small number of drivers who are licensed in the Flemish region of Belgium, and are therefore still permitted to use the application. Uber confirmed that the appeal court ruling only applies to drivers with Brussels licenses.

In another statement, slits stated that the tech giant is hugely concerned about the 2,000 possessors of lack licenses (rental car with driver licenses) who according to the country chief will lose their ability to generate earnings.

Uber further stated that the government has promised a reform but has failed to deliver said reforms for the last seven years.