Why Product Fail Part 2 By Oluwole Dada

Why Product Fail Part 2 By Oluwole Dada
Why Product Fail Part 2 By Oluwole Dada

Last time, there was an introduction to the above topic. Beginning from today, we will be reviewing different reasons products fail and each will be discussed in details in the series.

Cultural and Taste Differences

This occurs when a product is imported from a different clime into another country that has a totally different culture from the originating country. It could also be a product whose formulation is adapted after a foreign product. However, marketers and brand managers must always remember that marketing is cultural and must be adapted to the culture of the local country.

Interestingly, this can also find expression within a country. In Nigeria, there are different ethnic groups and they have different culture and different taste bud. There are some products that sell more in the Northern part of the country than the Southern part. If you take a product whose taste is alien to the people in that geographical area, you will end up blaming the sales team for lack of sales but the case is beyond selling. What happens most times is that the sales team will sell but there won’t be repeat purchase.

Boniks (not real name) was a product intended for children in Nigeria and its formulation was adapted from South Africa. South Africa taste board is salty while the Nigerian children taste board is sugary. When this product was introduced into the Nigerian market, it was accepted by the distributors and the retailers who are by the way adults and did not observe the salty nature of the products because they are adults. By the time the children bought the product, they disliked it hence they do not come back for repeat purchase.

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That was how the chain of consuming the product was stalled at the consumer end. As usual, the sales team was forced to continue to sell the product but it was a hard sell for them. The products were always lying on the shelf and not being picked. The sales team were subjected to disciplinary measures but that didn’t solve the problem. Many of the sales men ran into debt because they were using their money to pay the company in cases where the customers defaulted.

The end of the story is that the product was discontinued some years ago.

[To be continued]