OBG Launches Academy In Nigeria To Foster Financial Education In The Country

OBG Launches Academy In Nigeria To Foster Financial Education In The Country
OBG Launches Academy In Nigeria To Foster Financial Education In The Country

In partnership with OBG LLC in the United States, OBG Limited has announced the launch of its financial literacy Academy in Nigeria as part of efforts towards improving financial education in the country.

The OBG Academy is a financial literacy institution that educates Nigerians with the requisite knowledge of the financial market, helping them to make informed decisions around trading and investments with the goal of achieving financial independence.

The MD /CEO of OBG Limited, Dr. Damola Solanke said “the aim of OBG Limited is to provide financial literacy, through the academy to participants, leveraging market insights and innovative tools to train them on how best to navigate the new financial space. At OBG, we educate and equip Nigerians with the knowledge they need to invest by themselves in the financial market so they can be independent. We also provide live mentorships, where participants can access over 200 educators worldwide for increased knowledge and practical trading techniques. Asides this, we provide support for members of the academy by offering tools and strategies using Artificial Intelligence to analyse the financial market. Our long-term goal is to ensure that through the education offered at the Academy, people can take control of their financial lives and make informed financial decisions”.

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With the launch of the academy in Nigeria, OBG Limited is offering a free training program to provide an overview of the financial market in Nigeria, providing the relevant knowledge needed to efficiently navigate the Nigerian financial services space.

Speaking further about the academy’s mode of operation, Dr. Solanke said “because our values are to empower, educate and enrich, our academy has simplified learning by providing academies to which participants can choose from depending on their preferences and needs. What is most interesting is that anyone willing to participate in any of the programmes at the academy does not need to have a laptop because all programmes and tools can be accessed either by using a mobile phone.

Around the world, finance and investment engagements are evolving in a dynamic fashion. In view of this, there is a growing increase in efforts towards improving financial literacy as a means of empowering more people to have greater access to financial services and make informed financial and investments decisions