Nigeria’s Internet Subscriptions Dropped By 12.59 Million

NCC: MTN And Mafab Each Pay $273.6 Million For 5G License
NCC: MTN And Mafab Each Pay $273.6 Million For 5G License

According to NCC data, the total number of Internet subscriptions fell to 140.34 million in October 2021 from 152.93 million the previous month.

According to the NCC, mobile data subscriptions are the foundation of Internet connections in the country, while fixed wired and voice over internet protocol contribute insignificant numbers.

The total number of mobile subscriptions fell to 139,983,370 in October of this year, down from 152,481,376 in October of next year.

Fixed wired subscriptions totaled 11,275 in October 2020, rising to 13,648 in October 2021; VoIP subscriptions totaled 435,019 in October 2020, falling to 340,542 in October 2021.

MTN had the most mobile subscribers during the time period under consideration, but it also had the greatest loss of data subscriptions.

Its data subscribers fell from 65,020,758 in October 2020 to 58,317,291 this October.
Airtel’s data subscriber base fell to 36,894,332 in October 2021, down from 40,739,611 the previous month.

Globacom’s data subscribers fell to 38,969,417 in October 2021 from 39,424,185 the previous month, while 9mobile’s data subscribers fell to 5,802,330 from 7,296,822.

According to a recent International Telecommunication Union report, mobile technology is the most important technology driving economic growth in countries with low fixed broadband penetration, such as Nigeria.

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According to the GSM Association, increasing mobile broadband adoption would strengthen the economic case for further coverage expansion.

According to the bank, every 10% increase in broadband penetration leads to a 2.46 percent increase in GDP.