Flying Doctors Sets Up A Catalyst Fund For Tech Startups.

Flying Doctors Sets Up A Catalyst Fund For Tech Startups.
Flying Doctors Sets Up A Catalyst Fund For Tech Startups.

Catalyst funds are used to help inclusive tech innovators in emerging markets, particularly micro and small businesses.

The company said in a statement that the initiative, dubbed the ‘FDHIC Catalyst Fund,’ will address Africa’s healthcare and finance challenges.

According to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), only a few African countries spend between $34 and $40 per person per year on healthcare, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the report, this has resulted in extremely high infant and maternal mortality rates throughout Africa.

According to the company, addressing these issues requires a comprehensive approach that includes private-sector investments to drive financial inclusion.

“Through the new Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company (FDHIC) Catalyst Fund, we are assembling an investor collective to address Africa’s healthcare and financial inclusion challenges by investing in technology-enabled healthtech and fintech startups in their early or growth stages,” the statement says.

“We provide vetted investment opportunities in the Fintech and HealthTech space to qualified investors who are members of our investor collective.”

“The FDHIC Catalyst Fund will make investments through deal-specific syndicate investment vehicles based in the United States.”

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FDHIC assured prospective investors of its expertise by stating that its founder and management team have deep sector expertise in healthcare and finance gained through years of work and study.

“At FDHIC CF, we will bring our investment analysis and portfolio management experience to bear,” says the statement.

In addition, the company stated that it has investments in companies such as Mdaas Global, Helium Health, Chisco Express, Lifestores Pharmacy, and Sygen.

FDHIC stated that it decided to democratize the membership of the catalyst fund in order to deviate from the norm.

“We want to give time-pressed executives and mid-level professionals the opportunity to earn high-value returns without having to deal with the rigors of running a full-time business.”