What Does An ACCA Qualified Accountant Do? ACCA Responsibilities

What Does An ACCA Qualified Accountant Do? ACCA Responsibilities
What Does An ACCA Qualified Accountant Do? ACCA Responsibilities

Becoming chartered finance professional by qualifying ACCA can help you take on interesting roles across diverse industries internationally with a big fat starting salary based on the location and type of business firm that you want to work for.

Preparing for the upcoming ACCA examination by applying for a professional ACCA qualification in Singapore will help you explore opportunities including flexible and part-time job options, where you can focus on a broad range of areas from conducting private financing or public practising.

In this article we have described some of the primary responsibilities of a chartered certified accountant, letting you take a deep dive into this high profile nature of the work and the globally recognised accountancy professional body ACCA.


What are the skills that you are expected to possess as an ACCA qualified candidate?

Professional ACCA qualification from Singapore will help you focus on the industrial ethics, values and governance that you can execute on the different stages of your career path.

Here’s a list of vital abilities that can help you gather substantial work experience and internship opportunities right after qualifying for your ACCA examination.

  • Commercial awareness
  • All-round business general knowledge and interest
  • Self-commitment and motivation
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Good negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to connect with people from all backgrounds
  • Methodical approach towards project management
  • Time management and organisation skills
  • Problem-solving, strong analytical and accuracy skills
  • Proficiency with ID tools
  • Excellent numeracy abilities
  • Effective team working and leadership qualities
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Discretion and tactfulness
  • Ambition and a proactive approach
  • Trust and integrity
  • Diverse linguistic skills
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What are some of the primary responsibilities of a universally recognised chartered certificate accountant?

Becoming an ACCA graduate lets you choose to work in any sector and cherish the opportunity to work and train in multinational companies, large business organisations as well as set up your own local business or small firm.

Your typical employers include the central and state government, education and health institutions, manufacturing companies, bank and building societies and international professional services providing accounting services to clients.

Following are some of the duties that you will be accountable for and can build on as you progress into more senior roles, while you contribute further to innovative business strategies in the organisation you’re currently engaged with.

  • Undertake audits regularly and inspect the organisations current practise is thoroughly
  • Analyse risk, examine the organisation’s financial accounts, as well as investigate any financial irregularities and suggest improvements
  • Prepare business plans, financial statements, audits and commentaries for client or management reports
  • Adapt existing and new financial controls and systems
  • Produce, review, implement and analyse monthly and annual accounts
  • Manage credits, expenditure, investments and payroll
  • Provide financial reports regularly
  • Collaborate with non-financial members and individual or business clients and provide them with financial advice and information

Apply to the ACCA programme in Singapore today to become proficient at financial forecasting, investigating financial anomalies and auditing financial records to look appealing in the eyes of global potential employers.