Six Dominant Marketing Themes For Year 2022 By Dolapo Otegbayi

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Marketing Themes– Simon Tisdall in his recent article published in The Guardian (Wednesday 29 Dec 2021) suggests that “The world in 2022 will witness another year of living dangerously”.

With everything that has happened in the past 2 years, I align with his direction of thoughts. As always, there’s implication for business & brand management. To make ourselves & company (incl. the Brands) future proof, we must adapt-change-adapt in everything that we do. The business as usual ‘died’ December 2019!

Six Dominant Marketing Themes For Year 2022

As a Brandpreneur the following are the themes I identify as necessary for success in today’s marketing environment:

Service-Dominant Logic: in 2022, Marketeers must think about “offerings” rather than P—product. Today’s #Brand Management will focus on the entire experience – it is about the ‘added value’ you’ll provide to the consumers (/ customers) throughout the value chain, irrespective of if that value chain includes a product, a service, or both. This further suggests that the task at hand is a ‘Commercial One’ & not a Superstar Brand Manager

Sustainability: As a Brand / Company of Purpose, like your target market, you MUST be interested in the impact you’re making on your local community as well as on the overall environment. The watchword for 2022 is the “triple bottom line” of financial, social, & environment performance.

Ethics & Social Responsibility: How accountable are you? Are you still waiting for “what the company can do for you?” In your role, in your space & circle of influence, “what’s your impact?”, “how has your contribution supported to secure the business for the ‘future’”? And to the organization, before you can build a sustainable brand, you need to continuously listen to the Voice of Employees (VoE) – taking their feedback in relation to improvements necessary to drive benefits of customer experience.

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Global Coverage: Today, many factors connect us. From 7 continents, the world has become a ‘single’ continent – split in megacities & megavillages. Whether it is today’s price of raw & packaging materials, the oil price, or unrest in many parts of the world, all these will have impact in the supply chain & consumer behaviour which almost every industry & company need to be aware of. And today’s commercial professionals must understand the world in which they & their companies operate.

Digital: Irrespective of where you find yourself (i.e., megacities & megavillages) today’s world is a digital world. Digital technology & innovations is positively impacting today’s brands & companies. Everything & everyone are compelled to think and act digitally. And to WIN in 2022, brands & companies MUST move from seeing digital as a platform to a way of life.

Metric: never be afraid to measure your performance. “Was this business marketing strategy really worth it?” & “What is the sales & marketing ROI?”. “What is this consumer or set of consumers worth over their lifetime?”

Dolapo Otegbayi is the Commercial Director (Specialised Nutrition) at FrieslandCampina and a marketing influencer