5 Reasons Why Marcus Freeman will Do Well As Head Coach Of Notre Dame

5 Reasons Why Marcus Freeman will Do Well As Head Coach Of Notre Dame
5 Reasons Why Marcus Freeman will Do Well As Head Coach Of Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team has made their mark and has become immensely popular even for a school football team. They are a very old team and played their first season in 1887. Since then, they have recorded an insane amount of victories and garnered many fans and support all over the world.

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5 Reasons Why Marcus Freeman will Do Well As Head Coach Of Notre Dame

You will always find the Notre Dame team looking dapper in their modest two piece set of blue and yellow. But this is not why they are in the news recently, the old Notre Dame’s coach retired recently, and it has become apparent that Marcus Freeman is being identified as the new coach for the team. Here are some reasons why we think he is a great option

  • His Youthfulness

Marcus Freeman is no stranger to the Notre Dame team. He has held the position of defensive coordinator for a while, and the former player who you will sometimes find using coach flip flops is now the new head coach of the Notre Dame team. For some, it might be strange that someone so young and inexperienced will be asked to become the head coach for such a huge team. In this case, he is a positive asset. He is barely thirty-five years old, and though he doesn’t come close to the players’ ages, he can easily relate to them in ways that much older coaches might not be able to. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in agility and vigor. The hire might have felt like a gamble, but Freeman is not a staff Notre Dame could afford to lose. If they didn’t promote him, another team would have snatched him up in no time.

  • He is Already Familiar with the Players

Another season is almost here, and hiring a brand new coach will always come with challenges. This is because he will not have firsthand knowledge of the players and their skills. Ultimately, this will mean taking a few losses while the coach is still learning more about his new charges and familiarizing himself with their skills and strengths. In many ways, it is a good choice to pick someone who already knows the players well to continue. Freeman’s promotion is a great choice because he already has firsthand knowledge about Notre Dame’s quarterback, the wide receiver, linebacker and running back. Harnessing their strengths will come easily to him and will guarantee them a spot at the top next season.

  • Continuity

The Notre Dame team has experienced a winning streak in the past few seasons and have won over ten games. The team is not in any form of crisis and looking for a new experienced coach to come and take over the reins and bring in more victory for the team. They rather need someone who already knows the ropes and won’t have any trouble adjusting and making the winnings continuous. Notre Dame is not in a dire situation and does not need redemption. They need another coach to take up the reigns after their last coach left. It is rare for teams to find themselves in such advantageous positions where they do not have to go out of there to find talent since they already have it in their employ. Freeman’s promotion will make it seem like not much has changed in the team, and they are expected to continue their winning streak for longer, with him as head coach.

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5 Reasons Why Marcus Freeman will Do Well As Head Coach Of Notre Dame - Brand Spur

  • Recruiting

One of the factors that determine the success of a college football coach is their recruiting ability. Most of the players on the teams have dreams to be recruited and become professional football players right from college, and if the coach can make that happen for some players, we would consider that a win-win. The Notre Dame team has noticed an upward spike in recruitment in the last five years and now rank number 5 for 2022 according to Athlons roster ranking. Many people tied this spike to the hiring of Freeman as defensive coordinator eleven months ago. He is rumored to be in the good books of several NFL coaches and teams and has attracted prospects to his team. His ability to recruit is a big plus.

  • The Players Want Him

Some might say it is wrong to hire coaches that the players want for many reasons, including not being the best choice for the team. But everybody wins in situations like this where the players already love him, and he is known to be a perfect choice. Notre Dame quarterback 2021 and players in other positions have expressed their desire to have Freeman as their new coach after barely eleven months of being hired to work with the team. This could only mean that he is doing something right, and hiring a coach that the players do not agree with might lead to bad results. If the players like him this much, he can inspire, adjust and coach properly, and that is the goal of hiring a coach.


Marcus Freeman has come to bring new light to one of the most popular college football teams. Though many people may argue that he might not be the best choice for the team stating his youth and lack of experience as reasons, these same reasons may be why he is the best choice for the team.

He will be coming in with fresh insight and full of energy, which is something the team wouldn’t have gotten from their former coach Brian Kelly, who was over sixty. Now it is time to sit back and watch how Marcus holds the reigns of head coach as he resumes the position.