Fixit45, CFAO Motors Work Together On Spare Parts

Fixit45, CFAO Motors Work Together On Spare Parts

Fixit45, an autotech platform, has announced a collaboration with CFAO Motors to make auto spare parts affordable and easily accessible to vehicle owners in Nigeria.

In a statement, the company stated that it had collaborated with Winpart, a subsidiary of CFAO Motors, to improve the sourcing and distribution of auto spare parts in the country.

It stated its commitment to enabling and facilitating value-creating interactions among automotive stakeholders.

Fixit45 announced the launch of ‘Xparts,’ an e-commerce and search platform for auto parts sourcing and delivery.

Winpart is an independent aftermarket automotive spare parts wholesaler that distributes top-quality certified spare parts sourced directly from original equipment manufacturers, according to the statement.

Patrice Porte, Managing Director of CFAO Motors, was quoted at a signing ceremony in Lagos as saying that CFAO had been committed to delivering value to Nigerian consumers for the past 118 years.

He claimed that the automaker’s knowledge of the African market enabled it to provide tailored solutions to customer needs.

“This partnership is a testament to our enduring legacy in this market,” he said. In terms of strategy and values, we see strong synergies and alignment between the two brands. We are encouraged that this collaboration will provide consumers with better services and more affordable products.

“This is the start of a fantastic story that will positively shape the Nigerian aftersales market.”

Justus Obaoye, CEO and co-Founder of Fixit45, reaffirmed the company’s core mission of enabling and facilitating value-creating interaction while emphasizing the importance of collaborations in moving the industry forward.