MTN Gives Musical Ability To Nigerian Youths

MTN Surges On Strong Earnings
MTN Surges On Strong Earnings

Music is a part of every known society, both past and present, and it is shared by all human cultures worldwide. Music is very important and vital in people’s lives; we can work and shop while listening to music.

Music is also known as humanity’s universal language. It has the ability to bring joy and entertainment into people’s lives. Everyone enjoys music because it has the power to change one’s mood and provide a sense of relief in one’s daily life.

MTN Nigeria’s foundation, in collaboration with the Musical Society of Nigeria, continues to enrich the lives of young Nigerians (MUSON). Since 2006, the MTN Foundation has fully funded and developed over 350 music scholars through scholarship awards for a two-year diploma in collaboration with MUSON. The awards cover tuition, transportation, and resource materials, among other things, and students graduate with an internationally recognized Diploma in Music.

The MUSON School of Music organized a donors concert to thank the donors for their support throughout the year as a way of expressing gratitude to the MTN Foundation and other benefactors.

The students of the MUSON school of music wowed the audience with incredible musical performances in a variety of languages, including Italian, Zulu, Yoruba, and Igbo. The orchestra rendition of the popular Lion King song ‘He Lives in Me,’ as well as Ebenezer Obey’s ‘Aimasiko,’ had the entire audience on their feet dancing.