How To Access The 2022 College Relief Fund (CRF) Scholarship

College Relief Fund
How To Access The College Relief Fund (CRF) Scholarship

The College Relief Fund (CFR) Scholarship can be accessed here on Brand Spur Nigeria.

The College Relief Fund is a comprehensive fundraising initiative established to ensure the long-term fiscal support and providing opportunities for all youths aspiring to fulfill their dreams of attaining a quality post secondary education within Nigeria.

The College Relief Fund provides a need-Based Scholarship of up to N500,000 to deserving Nigerian students in all Higher Institutions backed by donor organizations.

So far, over 800 awardees across the country are enjoying the scholarship offer in various institutions.

How To Access The College Relief Fund (CRF) Scholarship


Here, you create your username and password to access the full functions of your dashboard.

Visit the LOGIN PAGE HERE if you have not yet registered. Ensure that your email is active as a link to activate your account will be sent to you.

Skip this step if you have previously registered and have your username and password. In that case, ensure you are logged in.


Before you can make full use of the Scholarship Application process, you must be logged in.
You can login by clicking the LOGIN at the top of the page and entering your username and password.


If the page keeps reloading without logging you in, please use a different Browser, Device or Switch Data Network. The same applies if you are trying to reset your password.
If using Chrome Browser, ensure you disable “lite mode” for a smoother experience.


Your dashboard has 3 FLIP BOXES (ENROL, REFER, PRE-SELECTION). Clicking it gives you more information on the above mentioned.

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Note that on Mobile Phones, the Flip Boxes are stacked one on top the other


This is the MOST IMPORTANT step in your scholarship application process and will take approximately 5 Minutes to complete.

In this step, you provide your Personal, Academic, Family and Expenditure details. This is important in getting your application completed. Ensure to provide truthful information as it will be verified.


We encourage you to refer any of your friends/course-mates who is in need of academic scholarship.

This is sometimes incentivized with data or airtime to lucky applicants. Data or airtime winners are randomly selected from all who have referred.


You have no control over the Pre-Selection Flip Box. It will remain an orange colour and will only change if your application status changes.

Your Status may change to be “Pre-Selected”, “Wait-List” or “Ineligible”.

If Pre-Selected, you will be invited to take an Aptitude Test and provide documents for verification. This is also Free.

If it is “Wait List”, it may later change to “Pre-Selected” depending on availability.

You are advised to regularly check your dashboard and/or email for updates.


Registration & Enrollment is totally free.
Document Verification & Aptitude Test is also free.
Ensure you follow all instructions and provide the correct information.
Ensure to check your email and dashboard regularly for updates.
Do not seek to bribe or cheat to get ahead.

Visit & Enrol