Meet The Real Owner Of Odogwu Bitters Herbal Drink

Meet The Real Owner Of Odogwu Bitters Herbal Drink
Odogwu Bitters Herbal Drink

The identity of the real owner of Odogwu Bitters has been revealed and it’s not Obi Cubana.

For the past one week, Odogwu Bitters has been trending on Instagram and many other social media platforms. Introducing Odogwu bitters, Obi Cubana said “Let it be on record that within a week, we were able to change the bitters narratives, bitters is now a luxury, Previously, people believed bitters were only for men, but today, fine and successful ladies are smitten with Odogwu Bitters.

Meanwhile, underground checks by ENigeria Newspaper in a report monitored by Brand Spur Nigeria, revealed that, contrary to popular belief, Obi Cubana is not the owner of the bitters brand, but rather an influencer who was exploited to push the bitters brand to the market due to his large social media following.

The real owner of Odogwu Bitters is not new to the business, as he has successfully launched several alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the market.

Odogwu Bitters, Brand Spur Nigeria learnt is owned and produced by IKI Leads owned by billionaire, Innocent Onwunali.

IKI Leads, owned entirely by Chief Innocent Onwunali, is a Nigerian company that specializes in the distilling, blending, packaging, and marketing of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Iki Leads is well-known for its flagship products, which include Pasa Bitters, Meridian Brandy, and Meridian Ponche, and has celebrity ambassadors such as comedian Ayo Makun (AY), Zubby Michael, and Nedu Wazobia FM.

Obi Cubana as gathered by this online newspaper was only signed as an influencer whose massive social media following will be used to ensure that Odogwu Bitters controls a big market share in the bitters business, and the plan was a clever one already yielding results.

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BREAKING: Identity Of Real Owner Of Odogwu Bitters Revealed, Not Obi Cubana  | Newsonline

For instance, Odogwu Bitters has been trending on all social media platforms, including Instagram and a variety of others, for the past week since it was first introduced in the market. “Let it go on record that within a week, we were able to transform the bitters narratives, bitters is now a luxury,” Obi Cubana stated. Previously, bitters were thought to be reserved for men, but today, this new brand of bitters is loved by fine and successful ladies. “Big individuals are proud to hold and film with the drink.”

Within a few weeks after its entrance into the Nigerian market, it shifted the narrative surrounding bitters, and bitters is now considered a luxury.

Obi Cubana has utilized the Cubana brand identity to generate massive returns for investors that have associated with the Cubana Brand throughout the years.

It is indeed worth noting that Obi Cubana, the brains behind the Cubana brand, does not own all of the Cubana enterprises.

He is simply a brand influencer who has effectively developed a good brand name that allows investors to capitalize on and register their businesses under the Cubana brand name, as well as allocate a proportion of their profits to the brand.