Measuring Marketing Data’s Actual Impact On Business

Measuring Marketing Data’s Actual Impact On Business
Measuring Marketing Data’s Actual Impact On Business

A significant challenge facing business leaders is making business impacting decisions from their marketing data. They have the data, but they don’t have the people and processes to extract value from their metrics. Trying to solve business problems with technology alone tends to result in wasted money and missed opportunities for growth.

This is the frustration that digital marketing guru Neil Pursey and digital pioneer Jay Thomson have teamed up to solve through an innovative end-to-end solution integrated with technology – Measurebyte, the leading specialist in marketing analytics and business return on investment (ROI).

Metrics that matter go beyond just numbers – they’re an essential tool to allow your team to take ownership of the company’s growth.

“It’s a simple equation: By improving your data quality and daily habits around data, you will better understand audience relevance, improve your creative excellence and know how and where to distribute your message. This results in growth. Yet so many companies are struggling to make business decisions based on their data. This is where Measurebyte steps in, providing detailed insights, which are not simply based on past performance, that can drive the future growth of your company,” says Thomson.

Leaders need their teams to deliver ROI

Measurebyte is built on a deep understanding of the challenges business leaders face and a drive to provide a smart solution to these problems. It offers more than a reporting system: Measurebyte offers a mind shift towards harnessing data to drive company growth. It measures marketing’s actual impact on business.

Pursey adds: “Meaurebyte’s approach is essential for companies looking to show ROI from their marketing budget and build business growth off their data insights. Their work is creating digital transformation unlike what the industry has seen before, with technology and people working in tandem to create measurable results.”

Pursey has years of experience working with corporates such as Ab InBev, Old Mutual, Publicis Groupe, Multichoice, Showmax, Nedbank, Ooba and Telesure to transform their digital marketing analytics. He has a track record of creating best-in-class marketing analytics strategies, building high-performance data and analytics teams, and building data products to enhance marketing measurement.

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This wealth of experience has been harnessed in a 3-tiered solution that aligns data to what motivates decision makers; breaks down silos across paid, owned and earned media and attributes marketing efforts and campaigns to business growth and ROI. Measurebyte provides a roadmap of how to be world-class at measurement and ROI.

Get your team aligned and getting results

With a huge network of consultants, Measurebyte offers simplified data that allows leadership teams to identify pain points, find solutions and make strategic and operational changes that positively impact the bottom line. This proven formula helps businesses break down silos and motivates employees to work towards shared, measurable objectives.

One of the company’s most innovative products is a visual analytics based DecisionBoard built on your company’s objectives and key results. Every action feeds into achieving these and aligns with the roles and functions of each team member. It shows your team exactly what inputs are needed to produce your company’s objective. And this is fueled by your marketing data, but shown in a hyper simplified way that allows each person to do their jobs better and easier.

“For clients to start ticking off specific business objectives, they need to look beyond the traditional insights generated by digital agencies and marketing teams. Clicks and impressions are just noise at a business objective level. They need specific action points that speak directly to their business objectives. It’s a simple fix: Business leaders need the innovative, tailored solutions offered by Measurebyte. They are reshaping the reporting landscape, creating the actionable insights that you need to not only keep your company ahead of the market but also keep your customers loyal. This is the digital solution I wish I’d had access to sooner, as it would have transformed the way my clients did business,” says Thomson.