Chocolates made in Nigeria will be available in the United States and Europe.

Chocolates made in Nigeria will be available in the United States and Europe.
Chocolates made in Nigeria will be available in the United States and Europe.

Chocolate made in Ondo State, Nigeria, will be available in European markets beginning in July, beginning with the United Kingdom.

The chocolates are made at the state’s newly completed Sunshine Chocolate Factory in Alade Idanre.

Robo Adhuze, the company’s managing director, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Akure on Thursday that the export of chocolate bars from Nigeria would increase revenue from non-oil exports.

He also stated that increasing the value of cocoa, a readily available commodity in Ondo State, would help the state’s economic development.

Amb. Sarafa Isola, Nigeria’s high commissioner to the United Kingdom, he said, would launch the chocolate bars in London.

“The Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom is eager to see the product launched in London.” He even invited us.

“We are the ones slowing things down because we want to ensure a smooth operation; otherwise, the launch would have happened in February or last weekend.”

“The launch of the chocolate in London in July will pave the way for our products to be exported to the UK.”

“We would have our first official export this year because virtually everything is in place.” For the time being, the only issue we are addressing is documentation in Nigeria and the United Kingdom,” Adhuze explained.

He also told NAN that after reaching Europe, Ondo State’s chocolates would be exported to Canada and the United States of America before the end of the year.

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He stated that the company’s exploratory team to Canada would return soon and that a date for the Canada launch would be set, with the United States of America following in quick succession.

He explained that the chocolate bars were already being sold unofficially in the United States and other parts of the world.

“All documentation must have been completed before the scheduled official launches,” he added.

The Sunshine Chocolate Factory is a Public-Private Partnership between the government of Ondo State and an indigenous company called Schokville Ltd.

The managing director confirmed that, despite being a stakeholder, the Ondo State government was not interfering with its operations.

Adhuze expressed the company’s gratitude to the state government for its patronage and support.

He claimed that the company’s chocolates are the first to be produced entirely in Nigeria, from farm to bar, and that the company closely monitored all processes, beginning with the planting of the cocoa used.

Sunshine Chocolate Company employs 277 people, 80 percent of whom are natives of Ondo State.

Ondo State is Nigeria’s leading cocoa producer. Until Sunshine Chocolate Company broke the jinx, the country exported more than 80% of its cocoa beans with no value addition.