For Those Who Need A Business Account

For those who need a business account
For those who need a business account

Is it possible to open a business account within 72 hours? Absolutely possible if we talk about an online accountThis great modern tool appeared together with online banking and financial services. Thanks to their existence, a business account may be created even while staying at home. If you would like to know how to open a business account swiftly and without any problems, this article is just for you.

Open business account: basics for beginners

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First and foremost, focus on the safety of your online account. That is why start by searching for a reliable financial service where you can open a business account and a personal one and manage them separately.

It is worth mentioning that a separate business account is required for merchants not only to apply for a merchant account but also because it is easier to pay taxes and manage corporate expenses. Also, when you open a business account, you instantly get access to many useful options such as getting several IBANs in EUR, USD, and GBP, transferring money to other countriesetc.

That is why the concept of an online account has become so popular in Europe and, in particular, in Spain, where merchants enjoy all their preferences. 

If you decide to open a business account, explore the Genome Account. Its benefits begin with how easy it is to get an account. There are a few steps only:

  • Sign up to Genome.
  • Pass the verification of your identity via an ID document and a smartphone.
  • Fill in the application with the data of your business, its address, and ownership structure. 

Your Genome Account will be created within 72 hours with all its advantages ready for your exploration! No matter where you are, in Spain or other countries, you can always access the dashboard with all the financial information and make the needed transactions as swiftly as possible.

Open business account: advantages

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If you work with a trustworthy company, money is safe within an online and traditional business account. For example, a Genome account is highly protected from fraud, and the team is constantly working on the safety of your sensitive data and financial information. 

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Thereforeyou do not need to worry when you open a business account. Moreover, you get many useful tools along with your business account.

Transfer money easily 

Open a business account with Genome to make SEPA and SWIFT transfers. Transfer money to your partners in Europe, who also use our system, via special internal transfers. The transfers can be saved and even scheduled, so everything will always be on time.

Cooperate with your team

You can open a business account and share access to it, and assign roles to your team members. Therefore, if your company is big, you can create a managing system inside the account and give tasks to the employees.

Get a corporate card

If you wish, you can order a slick black matte corporate card and use it as usual. Or get a virtual card for online payments. Money is always exactly in that place where you are located.

Stay protected with the security system

All the initiated transactions are checked via Genome, so your money and information stay safe. They use strong customer authentication (SCA) to prevent unauthorized logins. 

Enjoy the benefits of the merchant account

When you open a business account and a merchant account, you cannot only accept payments. There are numerous possibilities to analyze the customers, create and check reports and even think about your future prospects. Everything is available via the special dashboard, and our support team promptly answers all the questions and inquiries.

Use the referral program.

If you open a business account and recommend Genome to colleagues, there will be bonuses for you if they also join us. Then you can also transfer money instantly between the accounts inside the system in USD, GBP, and EUR.

Money always stays protected on your online account, and transactions are quick. Thanks to such modern tools, there will be no need to visit banks and lose time on the bureaucracy. Everything that you need is going to be done online and secure.