MINT Museum of Toys Singapore To Launch New Toy Figurines Exhibition Uncovering Generational Shifts

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 16 May 2022 – Capturing socio-cultural trends nestled in childhood experiences, MINT Museum of Toys Singapore will narrate influential stories that defined playtime in its latest exhibition, UNBOX Presents: Toy Figurines. Open to the public from 28 May to 28 November 2022, the exhibition will unveil the various toy figurines that underpinned and sparked generational shifts, from the evolution of gender norms portrayed by Barbie, G.I. Joe and Bratz to the epitome of transmedia storytelling across the Monster High ecosystem. Museum admission tickets to view this pop-up exhibition can be purchased online via their online ticketing platform.

Learning Journeys comprising guided tours and hands-on activities, and a variety of public events held at our . The latter includes the annual “” that celebrates Singapore’s unique culture and the seasonal “UNBOX” where vintage, rare and famous collections are revealed for public display. The museum also extends its experience to the virtual world with its series of innovative and interactive digital products, such as its which feature two core exhibitions in a 360-view of over 100 content-based, video and gamification touchpoints. It’s most recent product is the , an app-guided tour of the various toys and characters with over 35 interactive 2D and 3D touchpoints. For more information, please visit: