Sultan Babatunde Lawal Launches ‘Everyone is Involved’

Sultan Babatunde Lawal Launches ‘Everyone is Involved’
Sultan Babatunde Lawal Launches ‘Everyone is Involved’

Sultan Babatunde Lawal, the author of ‘Everyone Is Involved’, a book that typifies the significance of understanding that we are together in the making or destruction of our society. He recently granted an interview to Brand Spur Nigeria; below are excerpts of the interview:

Q: Before we go into the details of the book, Everyone is Involved, who is Sultan Babatunde Lawal?

A: Sultan Babatunde Lawal is a native of Ikorodu, Lagos State. He is an holder of M.Sc, B.Sc & D.A.M from University of Ibadan, University of Ilorin and Ilorin Business School respectively. A writer, public speaker, aspiring politician and pathfinder. I am the writer of the weekly poem series like; MY IDIOSYNCRASIES (2017-2018), NEXT WORLD APTITUDE (2019), MISSIVES BEHIND THE CURTAIN (2020), reSULTANt Quirk (2021) and GOLDEN PIECE, which will is being published every Wednesday from January-September 2022. Episodic stories like GOLD OR CRUDEOIL, KAYEFI, ALAKISA OGANJO and GBÓHÙNMI as well as Political articles such as NIGERIA : LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN, THE DILEMMA OF A POTENTATE, NIGERIA: WHICH WAY FORWARD?; FROM MY PIGEONHOLE, POSSIBLE PANACEA TO THE SOCIAL MALADY CALL SUICIDE, SEXUAL HARASSMENT ON CAMPUS and others can also be credited to my humble self.

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I started creative writing actively in April 2017. That is 5 years plus now. With the grace of God, I’ve been consistent with my write-ups till date. I write stories, poems, articles, inspirational write-ups, etc.

Q: Why creative writing?

A: Just like the tittle of the book in question; Everyone Is Involved. I chose creative writing as a means of playing my path positively by trying to use my pen to shed more light on different societal maladies.

Q: What is the inspiration behind your writing?

A: Happenings around, both far and near mostly influence what and how I write. Also, I take conversations as golden as this mostly play out while I try to put words together. My late Father, who is a man of so many analogies also inspires my writing. I wish to utilize the power of the pen to correct ills in our society. Giving hope to the hopeless. As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than a sword.

Q: Tell us about the book, Everyone Is Involved

Everyone is Involved is a short story(70 pages) about the intertwined destinies of Esosa, Ashabu, Dele & Hakeem with their immediate and distance environment. Esosa is a product of rape, who is maltreated by her mother, community, school teachers, raped, impregnated and escaped from her town to her premature journey into prostitution in the city. Although Esosa revenged and made sure she goes back to her community to sleep with everyone who made her life horrible and miserable in order to make them think she has forgiven them so that they can contract HIV/AIDS from her. She stole Honorable Dele’s money, killed him and later committed suicide. While it might be safe for anyone to say Dele reaped what he showed, Ashabu on her part suffered and smiled till Hakeem came her way. Only time will tell if Hakeem is a permanent solution to the much needed happiness Ashabu has been longing for.

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Q: What inspired you to write your book, Everyone Is Involved?

A: The dream of penning a piece that will showcase our collective involvement in the societal maladies battling our society was what inspired this work.

Q: The character Esosa, Tejiri, Ashabu, Dele what were they based on?

A: The characters are based purely on fiction. But their predicaments share sharp similarities with is obtainable in our society.

Q: Is this book based on a fictional story or real life?

A: This is a fictional story. Arranged in 11 short chapters. With a foreword from a highly revered Professor from the Premier University of Ibadan; Dhikru Adewale Yagboyaju, PhD. The work also houses sections of introductory poems, readers’comments, prologue as well as an epilogue in the end.

Q: Whose character was conflicting to write about?

A: Esosa’s character I’ll say. Giving a detail of her sojourn in life; from birth to death wasn’t a straight jacket affair. Ashabu’s character was also a bit conflicting to write about because she was more like a gateway or a variable that made it easier for the other variables to connect in the story.

Q: How does Everyone Is Involved play out in the society at large?

A: We’re all involved in the production stage as well as at the receiving end of all that happens in our society. Our actions and inactions individually and collectively are germane in determining if we sail or sink as a people.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time as a writer in Nigeria and globally?

A: An award-winning author with numerous books, but who will be more renowned for positively impacting people and giving them a voice through the pen.

Q: What do you expect this book to achieve?

A: My expectation for this book as my first book in over half a decade of writing, is that doors be opened in terms of being opportune to contribute to national development, art, and of course self development because you can’t give what you don’t have.

Q: Is this book available for purchase? If No, when will it be available, which format and at what price?

A: The book will be available for sale in both hard and soft copy from the 23rd of May, 2022. Those who wish to get it in hardcopy can call; 08166867660 or Whatsapp; 08181293497. Also, Nigerians can get the digital copy on Selar for N1,500 per copy. It’s also available on Amazon for people outside and within Nigeria at $5 for the e-book and $10 for the paperback.