Guild 22, Hong Kong’s first blockchain game guild, begins operation

  • Gamified finance is gaining traction and the blockchain game industry is experiencing strong growth, with its value reaching HK$78 billion
  • Offers free workshops and seminars to promote and democratise blockchain game on 22 May, the Guild 22 day
  • Blockchain and Game-Fi expert Ronald Chiu offers play-to-earn tips onsite


About Guild 22

Game-Fi has become very popular in recent years. Guild 22, officially established in December 2021, consists of a team of experts boasting in-depth knowledge and background in cryptocurrencies and finance, and a group of passionate young video game players. The guild is different from its counterparts in Southeast Asian markets, as Guild 22 focuses more on players’ level and automated fintech instead of blindly pursuing the number of gamers. Moving forward, Guild 22 will also continue to attract the younger generations to co-develop the blockchain and traditional gaming markets, and cooperate with the technical team to develop data analysis systems. It will also operate from the perspective of digital asset management and strive for the most profitable transactions.

Moreover, Guild 22 is planning to collaborate with local universities to launch a wide variety of activities in order to reach out to the younger generations. Apart from recruiting talented gamers, we hope to include people who are interested in the gaming market.



About Ronald Chiu

As one of the founders of Guild 22 and chairman of Pong Group, Ronald owns the PONGConnect Technology Innovation Industry. His innovation includes Beer Pong, an electronic scoring table. A pioneer of Hong Kong’s Game-Fi and a dedicated mobile gamer, Ronald had a deep understanding of the traditional gaming model and gamified finance model. He is optimistic about the future of blockchain games and has made a seven-figure investment in Guild 22. In the future, he will multiply his investment, using Guild 22 to bring Hong Kong players to go abroad and learn more about the evolution and development of gamified finance and blockchain games.