How to Invest in Undercovered Stocks

How to Invest in Undercovered Stocks
How to Invest in Undercovered Stocks

Hello there, I’m excited to share with you that I’m launching a Marketplace service called “Bears and Resources“. The focus is on undercovered companies as I think this is a great place to find alpha.

I’m a generalist and I like to focus on value stocks from all over the world, although I have to admit that I have a preference for companies related to the commodities space, especially precious and basic metals.

I’m a retail investor from Bulgaria and I’ve been investing in the stock market since 2007. I’ve worked as a journalist and a banker and I’m currently an M&A analyst. I’ve been writing for Seeking Alpha since 2007 and some financial websites rank me in the top 2% of financial bloggers in the world in terms of stock pick performance. SA been an amazing experience so far and I have more than 500 articles and over 5,000 followers here.

I started writing on SA because I wanted to get constructive criticism about the companies I was investing in. I’ve met some exceptional people over the years through this platform and I’m happy to tell you that many of them will join me on this journey. You might know some of them already, like Henrik Alex, Tim Worstall, No Called Strikes Investing, and Ivo Kolchev.

Regarding pricing, subscribers in the first two weeks (ending June 20) will get an Early Bear discount – $300 for an annual subscription. The normal price is $400 for an annual subscription.

What Do You Get With Bears and Resources?

The main feature of the service is my own stock portfolio and watchlist in a Google Sheets format. You will be able to see what I’m buying and selling and what are my thoughts on companies I might invest in at some point in the future. I plan to gradually build a portfolio of about 10 stocks over the course of 2022, with maybe about 10% of my portfolio going to short ideas. I could also use options to hedge risk or limit the downside of shorts.

My research methodology relies on fundamental analysis and what seems to have worked well for me in the past is buying stocks of companies that are benefitting from a global event but the market is ignoring them. As an M&A analyst, I’m monitoring the market constantly and I stumble upon investment ideas on a regular basis. Yet, don’t expect me to focus on M&A ideas.

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Keep in mind that I’ll use one account for ideas in Bulgaria and another one for international stocks, and some of the investment opportunities won’t be available to US investors unless they open a new brokerage account.

Besides access to my portfolio and watchlist, users of Bears and Resources will get the following:

  • Exclusive articles – some investment ideas will remain discussed only here, especially the high conviction ones. Others might get published in the free articles section (with a delay of course) in order to get constructive criticism from readers.
  • Interviews, ideas, portfolios, watchlists, and comments from other investors I’ve invited to the service
  • A chat room with access to me and the other investors

You can look forward to weekly updates on my positions and my thoughts on exit points. Overall, I have a relatively short investment horizon as I usually exit stocks less than 2 years after investing in them.

Why now?

Because chaos is a ladder and today I have a serious case of deja vu that takes me back to 2008. I think that this is an excellent time to increase one’s exposure to stocks and you can be a part of my journey. I want to create a tight-knit community of investors where we can discuss investment ideas with the objective of improving the performance of our investment portfolios.

Keep in mind that I’m a small retail investor – the aim is to have a stock portfolio worth maybe around $20,000 by the start of 2023, which means that I’m ok with investing in stocks with low liquidity due to the flexibility that this strategy provides. I hope you’d like to join me on this journey and I look forward to discussing investment ideas with you.

Getting started

In case all of this sounds appealing to you, I already mentioned that subscribers in the first two weeks (ending June 20) will get an Early Bear discount – $300 for an annual subscription.

If you have any questions that I could help to answer, do not hesitate to send me a direct message, or leave them in the comment section below. I will do my best to answer all of your questions.

If you’re reading this via Seeking Alpha’s mobile app, to try this service right now go to and enter Bears and Resources in the site search to visit my Marketplace Service checkout page