5 Of The Best Advertising Campaigns In 2022 So Far

5 Of The Best Advertising Campaigns In 2022 So Far
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Whether it’s an iconic image or a catchy slogan, a great advertising campaign can have the power to transform a company’s fortunes.

You only need to think of iconic slogans like Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ or the famous Coca Cola Santa Claus to see how much a simple idea can stay in the heads of millions of customers.

The Drum Awards is a UK-based initiative that hands out annual prizes every year to the best ad campaigns of the moment. Here are five amazing examples that they picked out for the 2022 event.

Klarna – The Beautiful Truth

After a wave of bad publicity since arriving in the UK in 2014, there was pressure on Klarna to come up with an ad campaign that changed its public perception.

The strategy was to go artistic. The brand chose seven of the nation’s biggest canvases, on the side of buildings, to plaster with huge pieces of colourful artwork. Each location depicted ‘seven myths about Klarna’ which viewers could explore via special QR codes that transported them to online exhibitions.

Each work also had hidden facts inside each painting that led to prizes when discovered.

The results were impressive. After just a month, the artwork had attracted 160,000 visits to the online experience, with 45,000 successful participants able to crack the seven myths. Public trust in the brand increased by almost 10%, while the Klarna app saw a 7.3% increase in monthly users. An arty success!

Pampers – Toddler Storybook

If there’s one thing many new parents crave, it’s a moment’s peace from their beloved children.

Pampers gave them a big helping hand with their Snapchat-based campaign which transformed every Pampers box into a magical AR-powered story for their baby to ogle at.

All parents had to do was scan the Pampers logo to unlock a series of classic stories, ranging from Peter Rabbit to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. There were also a few contemporary topics thrown in for good measure, although it’s uncertain how much a baby knows about Pride month.

The company used a bright young team of Snapchat influencers to reach an estimated audience of 35 million, who between them spent 363,000 hours reading the stories to their little ones.

It was one of the most successful Pampers campaigns in history and resulted in an impressive boost in sales.

Guinness – Always On My Mind

Britain’s pub industry started suffering from a severe downturn many years before the pandemic came along. Despite the best efforts of some campaigns, including donations from the Big Lottery Fund – a community initiative run by the UK National Lottery – 2021 saw the closure of many more public houses.

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Guinness’s $30 million pledge might not be enough to save everyone, but it’s a welcome step from a big manufacturer which profits from the custom generated from local pubs. Its new ad campaign promised the amount from the company’s annual proceeds, and it may pave the way for similar donations from other corporations.

Aside from the generous spirit of the campaign, the theme of the ad is pretty clever, too: finding everyday things that look like a pint of Guinness – there are more than you might think!

Johnnie Walker – The One Who Keeps Walking

Forget a three-minute ad, how about a 50-minute documentary?

Working with the talented director Amarachi Nwosu, Johnnie Walker attempted to show the rich treasure trove of creative talent on the African continent. It featured contributions from musicians Sampa the Great and CKay, photographer James Barnor, and a collection of inspiring stories from African icons from the past.

The campaign went by the name ‘Something’, in light of the fact that young Africans were looking for ‘something’, be it stories or music, to reflect their cultural identity on a global stage. It showed how optimism was the driving force in shaping modern Africa.

The series hit home with the African market and beyond. Almost four million people in 13 countries watched the film, with a stunning 72% watching it all the way through. It also generated over 1,000 pieces of related media content, showing just how much of an impact it had.

 Unilever & Tin Man – The Clean Edit

For the world’s largest soap producer an ad campaign called ‘The Clean Edit’ seems to be a good fit. Unilever enlisted the help of creative marketing agency Tin Man for an Instagram-based project that linked house cleaning to saving the planet.

Tin Man scoured the social media site for cleaning influencers – the people who made a living out of handing out tips on how to keep a living space spotlessly clean. They then asked them to share their thoughts for the Unilever ad, assimilating $50,000-worth of content as a result.

Using the agency’s Tinfluence bespoke marketing tool, the three-month campaign generated 4.5 million impressions and 1.7 million engagements. The value for money was exceptional: Unilever paid just 13p for each view.