Investing In A Changing Geopolitical Landscape

Investing In A Changing Geopolitical Landscape
Investing In A Changing Geopolitical Landscape

The world is in disarray. The goal of BlackSquare Capital is to help you navigate through the current unpredictability of the markets.

The volatility in the current environment is not going to go anywhere, so the only way to thrive is to build an event-driven dynamic portfolio that will prevent the incoming systemic shocks from destroying your savings.

By signing up for BlackSquare Capital, you will gain the ability to build a portfolio full of event-driven ideas as this service makes you aware of all the opportunities and special situations from which you can directly profit even as global markets crater.

The regular rate for the service is $469.99 per year. But to commemorate the launch of BlackSquare Capital, you have an opportunity until July 21 to lock in a special, highly discounted lifetime subscription rate of $329.99 per year.

What Is This Service About?

The core concept of this service is to look for event-driven ideas and invest in assets that have different internal and/or external catalysts, which could improve underlying businesses and push their share prices higher. As long as there’s the possibility that various events could cause the market to react in the short or long term regarding a particular stock – that stock becomes an ideal candidate for our portfolio. An example of such an idea was the recommendation to purchase commodity stocks on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, or a suggestion to invest in semiconductor businesses just as there were first indications that the demand for consumer electronics will increase while the supply will decline due to logistical disruptions caused by the pandemic.

In addition, despite the ongoing decoupling processes around the globe, we nevertheless continue to live in an interconnected world where certain events in one place or one industry could have direct and indirect impacts on others all across the world. That’s why the portfolio that we construct within this service is diversified and is not bound to a single geographical point or a single industry. At the same time, ordinary investors will be able to profit from the majority of the recommended global ideas since the targeted assets such as stocks are going to be available for purchase on major American exchanges.

What Can I Expect?

BlackSquare Capital aims to help investors thrive in the current market environment. By signing up, you will receive access to the following:

  1. Exclusive Ideas. You can build your portfolio by adding stocks or other assets that are analyzed and discussed only within the BlackSquare Capital community. Most of the ideas are event-driven and have a high chance of directly affecting the prices of targeted assets.
  2. Geopolitical Roundups. It’s important to keep up with what’s happening around the globe to figure out where to look for new opportunities. That’s why frequent analyses of geopolitical events are presented weekly as well.
  3. Weekly Newsletters. At the end of each week, all the stocks that are part of a BlackSquare Capital portfolio or are part of our watch list are analyzed and discussed in the form of a newsletter.
  4. Quarterly Reports. Each quarter, BlackSquare Capital publishes extensive proprietary reports about the state of the market and/or about specific industries, countries, and economic blocks where opportunities could be found.
  5. Valuation Models. Most exclusive ideas that are discussed come with valuation models to which you will have direct access along with valuation templates, which you’ll be able to use to make your own assumptions about different asset classes.
  6. Portfolio Tracking In Real Time. You will have access to the whole portfolio of assets owned by BlackSquare Capital. You can track all of the positions in real time, find out entry and exit points for each of them, and see their overall performance.
  7. Trading Alerts. Once a position is opened or closed – you receive an alert about it the moment a trade is executed.
  8. Chatroom. The BlackSquare Capital chatroom allows all members of the community to discuss different ideas in real time, share their trades, provide their own opinion about the current state of the market or some particular assets, and ask any questions that they deem necessary.
  9. Access To All Public Articles. You will have an access to all of our public articles for free even if you’re not a Premium or Pro user of Seeking Alpha.
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Who Runs This Service?


Investing In A Changing Geopolitical Landscape - Brand Spur


Bohdan Kucheriavyi, Founder

My passion for investing started when I was studying at a Ukrainian high school. It was at that time when I took a small loan from my parents and opened a brokerage account to learn in practice what it’s like to own and trade stocks of real businesses. After high school, I enrolled at a university to study international relations and at the same time landed a job as a proprietary trader in a local prop firm.

It was there that I started to combine my academic knowledge with a passion for investing to build an all-weather portfolio that could overcome periods of constant economic and political uncertainty. Given the systemic shocks that have been happening to Ukraine in the last decade, I saw firsthand what it’s like to live in an environment where there’s too much unpredictability and no guarantee that your endeavors won’t fail. Despite this, I managed to show strong returns and since 2015 have been sharing some of my ideas here on Seeking Alpha.

Brave New World Awaits You

By launching BlackSquare Capital, my goal is to help investors create their own event-driven portfolios in a new market reality where there are no longer going to be periods of predictable growth.

If you’re ready to build your own portfolio that will weather any uncertainty and geopolitical shocks, then don’t hesitate and give BlackSquare Capital a try by signing up for a 14-day free trial!

Also, don’t forget to pick an annual plan until July 21 in order to benefit from the special highly discounted lifetime subscription rate of $329.99 per year!