3 Best Video Marketing Strategies For Social Media

3 Best Video Marketing Strategies For Social Media
3 Best Video Marketing Strategies For Social Media

Video marketing has always been very effective for conversions and social media. However, the video landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. The introduction of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, has increased the popularity of short-format videos that are simple to consume while on the go.


In this article, we’ll go through three different strategies you can use when creating your videos for social media:


Share the video on social media


  • Share the video on social media.
  • Use hashtags and #hashtagstrategy.
  • Choose the best platform for your video material, such as Facebook or Instagram. The key is to think about where you want your audience to go once they see your post, and then choose a platform accordingly based on who has access to it. For example, if you’re targeting young women who love makeup tutorials (for instance), posting on Instagram might be a better choice than Snapchat because more of them are likely to watch videos there than anywhere else — especially since Instagram has more female users than male ones (about 65 percent).
  • Timing matters! It would be preferable if you also decided when best suits your audience based on their schedule and what times they tend to be online most often during any given day or weekend. Then post the content appropriately so that people can see it just when they need/want an update from you, most urgently! This means uploading content regularly on weekdays and weekends; don’t forget about waking up early because many individuals check their social media accounts first thing in the morning before getting out of bed!


Make and share a live video

One of the fastest-growing types of entertainment is live streaming video content. Live streaming directly from your smartphone or tablet can be an exciting way to engage with your audience, especially if you share a behind-the-scenes look at your business or promote a product or service.

Live streaming, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the fastest-growing types of entertainment. These platforms offer easy integration options for live streaming, so it’s easy to quickly share your broadcast with friends, family, and other followers in real-time. You may also want to consider hosting a live stream on YouTube so that people who aren’t following you on social media can still see it later if they missed it while it was happening!

Consider using live streams to answer questions from customers/followers who have submitted them ahead of time via email/text message/social media post.


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Create and share episodic videos


An episodic video strategy is a great way to build trust and authority, an audience, a community, and even a brand. Serial videos are short episodes that create anticipation for what’s next. You can use them as part of your storytelling strategy to build on the interest from previous episodes and make each new one more interesting than the last.

You can also use episodic videos in other ways:

  • Build trust by demonstrating expertise or knowledge in specific topics
  • Build credibility by showing off your personality (or someone else’s) through humor or other kinds of entertainment
  • Create anticipation for future content by teasing viewers with excerpts from upcoming episodes


Video marketing is a very effective marketing strategy, especially on social media


Video marketing is a very effective marketing strategy, especially on social media. Why? Because it’s the most engaging and shareable type of content.

  • Video helps build trust. Making a marketing video for your product or service shows that you’re confident in what you sell. This builds trust with potential customers and makes them more likely to buy from you because they see that you’re honest about your products and services.
  • Video marketing can help build brand awareness by reaching new audiences through social media channels by reaching new audiences via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and video marketing may help develop brand recognition (to name just a few)
  • Videos can also be used to reach existing customers by including links within the description at the end of each video so people can find out more information about how they can use your product or service for themselves—this helps get the word out about what else is available from other areas within the company, so people are more likely come back again later when they need something new!



Now that you know the three best video marketing strategies for social media, it’s time to put them through their paces and discover if they work for you. The most important thing is to keep at it, experiment with different techniques, and track your results.