Top 5 Metaverse Platforms For Consumers And Enterprises

    The Metaverse And The Rise Of Homo Virtualis
    The Metaverse And The Rise Of Homo Virtualis

    When out-of-the-world experience defines the ultimate happiness for humans, Metaverse comes to hold the beacon. Dubbed the next iteration of the internet, the augmented reality-centered forum gives us to live in a surreal world.

    More so when it comes to enterprises who are on a constant hunt for designing never seen before products to lure consumers either to develop a sense of belonging to the product or to create new needs.

    The increasing use of AR / VR headset sales from 2017 to 2021, which almost shot up by 56% during this period, demonstrates how much acceptability Meta has gained amongst the consumers.

    Retailers not wanting to be left behind in giving their consumers unique and parallel to real-life experiences, are fast upping their game. Here are 5 examples of such innovative initiatives that entrepreneurs and consumers are grooving up to.


    Roblox is known as a space for kids to create, play and engage with others. It became extremely popular at the height of the pandemic as parents relied on it to help their children continue to socialize. Roblox hosts games and virtual experiences that are created on its platform. This includes selling avatar customizations and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) to earn Robux, the platform’s digital currency. Roblox is one to watch because of its ability to allow companies to reach a key demographic that most leave out: future buyers.


    Stageverse is available on Oculus Quest, iOS, and Android devices. Just visit your app store to download it. Stageverse is a social VR platform featuring virtual venues, interactive experiences, and digital content. The platform debuted with a 360-degree concert experience of Muse: Simulation Theory. The Stageverse platform allows multiple viewers to experience concerts together through 3D footage from multiple angles around the venue.

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    Spatial is an augmented and virtual reality platform that brings collaboration to life. It lets users interact with one another in virtual rooms using VR headsets, mobile devices, or desktops. People can share content and ideas in real-time, and use the platform to work together virtually.


    Efinity is a metaverse that, at its core, is a space for artists to turn their digital artwork and other assets into blockchain NFTs. These flexible cross-platform NFTs can also uniquely be integrated into any space including games. This company boasts the hands-on approach of helping users manage and monetize their work in its virtual space. Efinity offers a market where artists can sell their work and foster the feeling of exclusivity through this NFT space.


    L2 Network is the new blockchain network that provides a unique gaming environment for gamers. Players journey across vast and varied settings in order to track and capture miraculous deity-like creatures called Illuvium.

    The game’s timeline for the Metaverse is interesting, providing players a taste of story-telling and cutting-edge design that makes the whole experience immersive.

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