Brymo Is Named Self “The World’s Most Powerful Artiste”

Brymo Is Named Self
Brymo Is Named Self "The World's Most Powerful Artiste"

Olawale Ashimi, popularly known as  Brymo, has declared himself the most powerful artist in the world.

The singing sensation also revealed that he is no longer a musician, but rather a sonic artiste who creates images with words.

According to him, “there is no other artiste who is a better songwriter, vocalist, and performer all at the same time.”


He contended that they are either good at one or two of those things, but not all three, whereas he is.


“I am the most powerful artist on the planet.” We can have this conversation if you find me a better songwriter who is also a better vocalist and performer,” said the singer.


“A better songwriter than Brymo is easy to find, but he would not be a better performer.” A better performer than Brymo is easy to find, but he is not a better songwriter.

“It’s impossible to find a man as good a songwriter as Brymo who also performs, records, and is well-behaved.”

“There isn’t a single artist on the planet who possesses all of these qualities.” Yes, it was a revelation. I awoke one morning and thought, damn! That’s how good I am.”

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“Now, this all started with realizing I’m a black man,” he continued. Travel the world, and when you find a black man who is both attractive and intelligent, he doesn’t say much.

“He doesn’t sound nice for a black man who says a lot.” He doesn’t perform well for a black man who sounds nice.

“You find him to be all of these things; he’s either Christian or Muslim, and he doesn’t smoke or drink.” Something is always wrong.

“I’m an all-around musician.” As a result, I’ve had to go so far as to say that I’m no longer a musician, but a sonic artiste.

“I became a sonic artist earlier this year.” “I use words to paint pictures.”