Latest US Dollar To Naira Black Market Rates Today, 22 August 2022

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Black Market Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate For Today

Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange rate 22nd August 2022 can be accessed on Brand Spur Nigeria.

Many dealers out there are eager to know how the dollar to Naira market looks like and how much they should buy or sell their dollars.

While still struggling to boost the value of Naira, dollar is still taking a higher advantage of it. In recent times, Naira has experienced a huge fall against the U.S dollars.

At the moment, the Dollar to Naira, or Naira to dollar exchange rate is still fluctuating due to the fall in value of Naira arising from high demand of dollar in the parallel marketers also know as black market.

Now, let’s find out how much Dollar is exchange to Naira at black market, parallel market, CBN and at commercial banks nationwide as of today, 22 August 2022.

How much is Dollar to Naira Black Market 22nd August 2022

Black market exchange rate breakdown for 22/08/2022

Dollar to Naira RatesBlack Market Rate 22nd August 2022
Buying RateN670
Selling RateN690

How Much is Dollar to Naira Today CBN 22nd August 2022?

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) official dollar to Naira exchange rate as of today 22nd August 2022 is N420.4. That means that Central Bank buys dollar at N420.4 and sells as N421.4.

At the early hours of today, the CBN website reported on it it’s portal that the dollar to Naira exchange rate for 22nd August ranges between Four Hundred and twenty Naira, four kobo (N420.4).

Meanwhile, the exchange rate portal also reported that CBN sells 1 dollar this same day for Four Hundred and twenty one Naira, four kobo (421.4).

Note: the CBN Exchange rate shown above fluctuates from time to time. For accurate and up-to-date data on the CBN dollar to Naira Exchange rate, we advise you to visit the CBN exchange rate portal via

CBN Exchange Rate breakdown for 22/08/2022

Dollar to Naira RatesCBN Rate 22nd August 2022
Buying RateN420.4
Selling RateN421.4

Dollar to Naira Parallel Market Exchange Rate 22/08/2022

Dollar to Naira parallel market exchange rate as reported by is between ₦660 to ₦665. It’s reported an average rate of ₦662.50

Meanwhile, throughout the month of August, Dollar to Naira black market rate ranges between ₦620 and ₦700 while some areas reportedly deal as high as N730 per dollar.

Interestingly, the dollar exchange rate as of today has dropping by about 1.2% when compared to how the black market dealers exchanged it in the past 7 days