Big Brother Naija Season 7 “Level Up”: How The World Responded On Twitter

BBNaija 7: MultiChoice Presents 100M Grand Prize To Winner (PHOTO)
BBNaija 7: MultiChoice Presents 100M Grand Prize To Winner (PHOTO)

This season’s battle for the Big Brother Naija grand prize of 100 million Naira has ended, with the rollercoaster of drama, emotions, betrayal, love triangles, ego clashes, and more, playing out on social media platforms like Twitter, just as much as it did on viewers’ TVs at home.

The intense support from the fan base, both at home and abroad, was showcased through their Tweets, GIFs, emojis and screengrabs which brought the popular reality TV show to life on the Timeline.

Below are some of the most significant highlights that had #TwitterNaija in a frenzy throughout the season.

Phyna is the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 7!

A major highlight, which attracted a flurry of Tweets and activity on the Timeline, was the season finale which saw Phyna win the coveted prize, after 72 days in the house. It is the second time in the show’s history that a female housemate has won. Bryann was the runner up followed by Bella and Adekunle. Lifestyle and entertainment page @Postsubman was among many to share the news in a Tweet.

Fan favourite, Hermes was not a finalist?!

It was an unfortunate twist of fate for Hermes’ fans on #TwitterNaija as he got evicted from the house just before the finale. He was evicted alongside two other popular housemates, Groovy and Sheggz. That particular eviction week was a shocker for fans, and they didn’t hide their feelings about it. Famous fashion stylist @Toyin Lawani was among those who expressed their shock, and thought it was a joke.

Hermes was definitely regarded by many as one of the top contenders for the 100 million grand prize.

Top emojis and other stats from BBN S7 on Twitter

Did you know that a majority of the over 500,000 people who were engaged in #BBNaija conversations on Twitter this season were men? Data released from Twitter revealed that 75% of unique Tweet authors during the Level Up season were male, while women accounted for 25%. That is a ratio of about three males to one female Tweeting about the show over a three-month period.

When it comes to the use of Emojis, the top 10 list of the most used ones reveals a glimpse into a range of emotions only #bbnaija can elicit from fans.  From laughter to tears, “flames”, love-face, and so on, Emojis played an essential role in driving home the intensity of the conversations throughout the season.. The top five emojis used were: 😂 🔥 🤣 😍 😭

The most used hashtags for BBN S7

Much like previous seasons, Level Up was a big conversation driver on Twitter. Fans engaged in conversations throughout the season with the hashtag #bbnaija, which Twitter reveals was used in over 15 million tweets globally! Other hashtags in the top 5 most used were #bbnaijas7 and #beautytukura𓃵; in reference to housemate Beauty Tukura, who was disqualified early in the show but continued to be a conversation topper till the end – even ahead of the finalists.

  1.       #bbnaija
  2.       #bbnaijas7
  3.       #beautytukura𓃵
  4.       #bbnaija7
  5.       #beautytukura

The most mentioned handles

The most mentioned handles during the show consisted of a mix of the housemates and the official @bbnaija handle, which topped the list of handles mentioned. Also in the top ten were the winner @unusualphyna, the runner up @bryannonly, and the disqualified housemate @beautyetukura. No surprises that @ebuka is on the list for hosting the Sunday live shows. Some might find the inclusion of @donjazzy among the top ten mentioned handles surprising, but the Don is mentioned for everything on Twitter.

Some Tweets called on the music industry titan to sign talented housemates like Bryann.

Top BBN S7 Tweets

The most engaged Tweets from this season were about the housemates, BBN bants, and other topical subjects. The top Tweet from this season was an animated video from @Jude__Oc, while the second was a tweet about Phyna’s victory. Below are some of the most engaging and hilarious Tweets from BBN Season 7.

  1. @Jude__Oc

  1. @unusualphyna

  1. @justdoit9ja

  1. @ladyvava06

  1. @lobbalicious

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