Teledyne e2v’s 8 GB DDR4 memory into Space


Space Edge Computing Boosted by Teledyne e2v’s new 8 GB DDR4 Memory

Ultra-compact, resilient, dynamic memory boosts advanced space projects & space-based communication, observation and scientific satellites
8 GB DDR4 Engineering Models (EMs) available now, Flight Models (FMs) due in 2024

Grenoble, France – Media OutReach – 5 December 2022 – Teledyne e2v today announces the introduction of an 8 GB Space DDR4 memory as part of its edge computing solutions for space. This announcement follows the successful conclusion of all internal de-risking activities, including Radiation/Latch-Up tests and preliminary Industrialization checks. As demand for compact, high-density memories surge, Teledyne e2v stresses that its latest memory chip is compatible with all contemporary high-end space processing components. The list includes processors from AMD/Xilinx VERSAL® ACAP, space FPGAs, MPSOCs, Microchip RT PolarFire®, together with many proprietary ASICs.