Teledyne e2v’s EV10AS940 the latest advanced 10-but broadband data converter


Remarkable direct conversion microwave RF sampler works up to beyond 35 GHz

Eliminate signal baluns and immediately gain multi-band operation simplifying next generation broadband receivers

  • EV10AS940 is a paradigm shifting, single-channel sampler – operating across L- through to Ka-band. It provides:
    • up to 6 GHz instantaneous bandwidth supporting all current radio link needs
    • samples up to ~ 13 GS/s
  • Slashes power consumption by a factor 5 x (to < 2.5 W/ch)
  • Demonstrates novel single-ended design to ease analog circuitry (removes the need for baluns)
  • Heralds a decade of new SoftSats and software defined designs
Novel broadband sampler enables direct microwave conversion

Grenoble, Frances –