John Njamah Breaks Silence Over Empress Njamah’s Leaked Nude Video


Actor John Njamah has reacted to the leaked nude videos of his sister Empress Njamah.

Brand Spur Nigeria earlier reported that Empress’s ex-lover, Josh Wade recently leaked private videos of her via social media.

Njamah had walked out of the relationship and raised the alarm that Wade threatened to release such videos.

He made good his threat in the early hours of 2023 by reportedly creating a WhatsApp group where he posted videos he took of the actress in her house.

This triggered a backlash on social media, with ladies warned to avoid falling prey to such.

Reacting to the video, on Wednesday, January 4, John noted that it used to be very easy being a good person, but the reverse is the case nowadays.

The Tinsel star wrote “It used to be very easy being a good person… you know helping as much as you can, giving wholeheartedly and expecting nothing in return… it used to be very easy cos it was the right thing to do.. but now, a lot of bad things happen to good people.

“…and these bad things are caused by people you have GIVEN in the past, people that you have opened your heart to, people that you call FRIENDS… and their reciprocity is all forms of bad gestures and ill thinking towards you… IT’S REALLY SAD!. It used to be easy trusting people cos it was the right thing to do… but our present reality has dismissed all of that.. and has thought is otherwise.. SAD!”

John’s post came two days after Empress spoke about the video.

The 42-year-old on Tuesday, January 3 appeared in a video with actor Chucks Chyke, thanking those who supported her.

“Love you guys. I’m good. Thank you guys for all the love, support and messages and visits.

“I’m alive, I came out alive and I’m able to speak out, so many women are hiding under this torture, this torment, last-last, we move. I’m excited about my freedom,” she said