UAE Holds Fifth Place As Singapore Tops List Of Most Stock-Obsessed Country

UAE Holds Fifth Place As Singapore Tops List Of Most Stock-Obsessed Country

New studies from Google Trends data on search terms frequently used, have placed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the fifth most stock-obsessed country in the world.



According to a new study. This list, which was topped by Singapore, followed by India in second place and Canada in third place was obtained from a recent study carried out by the UK-based CMC Markets. The study focused on eight key terms in each of the searches which include; ‘Stocks’, ‘Buy Stocks’, ‘Invest in Stocks’, ‘Stock Market’, ‘Interest Rate’, ‘Day Trading’, and ‘Swing Trading’.


The terms were then combined to score each English-speaking country a “total search score” to which the UAE scored a total of 374 in the number of search interests in stock in the last 12 months. This study also revealed that Singapore ranked the highest, with a total search score of 555 out of 700 making it the population with the highest search levels for the phrases “stocks”, “Buy Stocks” and “Interest Rate” worldwide.



The UAE had the fourth-highest search level for the term “Swing Trading” but came fifth in the country that was most interested in “Day Trading”. India came second on the total search score, scoring 492, and was second-highest in the number of searches on “Stock Market” and “Swing Trading”.


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Other countries on the list include the United States with a total score of 453 and Australia came sixth on the list with a search score of 338 followed by South Africa, New Zealand, the UK, and Nigeria.