How To Start Side Hustle While Working 9-5 Job

How To Start Side Hustle While Working 9-5 Job

A standard 9-5 job, especially in this region of the world, may require you to devote a significant portion of your time to it and to schedule your schedule around it. However, for some people, having a 9-5 job is merely a means to an end, and they spend any free time they have developing their side businesses or pursuing their personal goals.

The idea of climbing the corporate ladder can be fulfilling to some people, as it involves maintaining one’s concentration on goals and advancing through the ranks to the next level. Working a 9 to 5 job is good and one of the best ways to achieve financial stability in one’s income. But many of us still experience burning sensations, we feel the want to work a side job to increase our sense of completeness, and we look for side jobs or try to start side businesses to maintain our creativity and have more control over our time.

Your 9-to-5 job and your side business must coexist, regardless of whether your objective is simply to earn some additional money or to eventually devote all of your time to your small business. Here are four strategies for achieving that:

Set Realistic Goals

Setting a realistic objective is crucial if you’re interested in developing a side business or additional source of income. Setting goals is essential for success because they help you stay motivated, keep you on track, and challenge you to use your knowledge to accomplish the objective. They also help you stay focused.

But in order to gain from goal-setting, you must first set goals that are realistic and attainable. Setting realistic goals will help you stay grounded in creativity, focus on what you can accomplish, make an action plan, and monitor your progress. There are numerous apps available to keep track of your objectives. If your side hustle is writing a book, set a realistic goal of writing a couple of words per day or join a writing challenge within a community to which you would be accountable.

Get Creative

Unless your 9-5 involves flying an airplane where you get to see different clouds, having a 9-5 may cause you to conduct a continuous set of repeated acts that may have dampened your creativity. However, even that could grow monotonous, so make the most of your free time by being creative. Read a book or partake in an activity that is specifically designed to foster creativity.


This advice could also be used if you decide to pursue a 9-to-5 job. Many people only stay in one role and frequently only ascend the corporate ladder one way, but there are many other ways to succeed. The most valuable employees are those with creative skills because they can effectively use both their left and right brains to complete a task. They stand out because they are both creative and business-savvy.

Develop a plan and Manage your time.

This is very important because if you don’t master it, you won’t be able to do well in your side business. Find time to devote yourself to your part-time job. You can also optimize downtime in other ways.

Use your lunch break to pitch and follow up with customers. Check your schedule and clear your inbox while you eat breakfast. Instead of going out on both nights of the weekend, spend at least one day at a part-time job. You can also use these small time slots to promote your side hustle to your friends and social networks. Use this free time to tell people about your work. Your biggest client may be sitting right next to you.

Collaborate and Network.

Balancing two jobs requires a reliable support system. If you have children, find a family member or close friend to watch over them for a few hours once a month. Join the Hustler online community to share best practices, lessons learned, and tips to stay motivated. The bigger the community, the more potential opportunities you have and the more you can leverage your work network and friends. These friends can work as assistants or help with certain errands or deliveries.

Having a side hustle can also help scale through tough periods like the first month of the new year, January is known to come with a lot of strain on your 9-5 income, but one major tip to starting any side hustle is to believe in yourself and if there is any better time to start its today!!

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