Youtube Announces New Revenue Model For Chanel Owners And Content Creators

YouTube Ad Revenue Set To Rise To $30.4bn
YouTube Ad Revenue Set To Rise To $30.4bn

2023 is looking good for content creators and channel owners on the famous video-sharing platform, YouTube as it announces a new revenue-sharing formula that will see content creators around the globe and Nigeria earn more money off the platform.

This new revenue model will see creators and channel owners earn more from its latest feature on the video-sharing platform, YouTube Shorts.

YouTube announced that this new model will now pay creators a particular percentage for the number of views they get on shorts created which implies that if a creator gets 5% monetizable views from all the shorts uploaded on YouTube, then YouTube pays 5% of the revenue.

YouTube also noted that this new system allows creators to create more amazing short content which they can also earn money from adverts viewed between videos they upload on the short feed replacing YouTube Shorts Fund. Although, YouTube also added that Shorts Fund recipients would also earn more in the new model.

However, views accumulated before the announcement of this new revenue formula would not be paid to creators. While a list of content has been marked as ineligible views for the new payment model, this includes clips from movies or TV shows, reuploading other creator’s content without adding any original content, fake or artificial views (bots, automated clicks, and scroll bots).

It noted that “On Shorts, only views of content that follow our advertiser-friendly guidelines will be eligible for revenue sharing,”