Naira Scarcity: ‘Godwin Emefiele Is Incompetent’ – NANS

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The coordinator of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Southwest (Zone D) Comrade Adejuwon Emmanuel Olatunji aka Teejay has berated Godwin Emefiele, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). 

BrandSpur Nigeria reports that this follows the lingering crisis in the country from fuel to naira scarcity.

According to a statement signed by Comrade Adejuwon, “the ongoing situation in Nigeria at the moment is a thing to ponder over. Fuel scarcity with exorbitant prices and most especially the new Naira note which has not been in circulation so far.

“The CBN Governor ordered that the old Naira notes should not be accepted by any commercial bank again at the date he stipulated without any better measure to ensure the interest of the masses is protected and guide against up possible rancor that the order might evoke.

“We can categorically state that Godwin Emefiele the CBN Governor is incompetent and has no management skills to properly hold the position of service committed to him at the moment. There are series of ways to mopping up the old currency and making new notes circulate without really frustrating the general public.

“He should be able to relate to some of these possible ways and if he lacks the ability to think through on some of this possible way due to pressure, he has many other deputy governors, analysts, and economists as well as other competent people who can assist him in making plans and proposing a better way forward. And if he thinks otherwise, he should be reminded that he has the option to resign if he is not competent enough. He has failed the Nigerian citizens by frustrating them with is instructions to all commercial banks so far.

“The old note has been causing issue around the country but the Governor seems to turn deaf ears to the suffering of people and the frustration of innocent souls out there.
Should we say he is not feeling the heat of what is going on or he is just adamant and intentional about his decisions and the result it bears?

“This is more reason why he can be regarded as not taking into consideration the masses.
Godwin Emefiele is trying to play innocent when he is saying that the old note was kept by some politicians to buy vote however, is it only Naira that can be used to buy votes? What will happen if they use other currencies to buy vote. He is also a myopic politician as well as a failure in his present place of service. We have seen sometimes ago vehicles branded with his name to contest as the president of Nigeria. What was his intentions then when he was doing that and if he cannot properly maximize the opportunity to service the Nation better in his present place of service, of what need will be a bigger opportunity to serve him?

“He is in his comfort making policies that is putting the general public in serious discomfort not considering the effect of his policy’s mandate to the masses. He even went against the command and judgment of the Supreme Court which happens to be an independent body powerful to sanction organizational and personal policy order.

“What is Godwin Emefiele up to, what exactly is his intention? Is he happy seeing our people suffer or Is he just more interested in using his actions to disrupt the up coming election?

“The people will protest, the youths will storm into banks to reck avoc since they do not understand the reality of what is going on in the country. This activities can lead to a very serious problem for the country as destruction of lives and properties would be the order of the day.

“Banks, Hospitals even in emergency situations and other places where money is needed are not collecting old Naira notes. Hospitals are not even attending to patient who does not have new note making old, young prospective Nigerians loose their life to the problem of just an organizational policy without proper public consideration. For instance, in ibadan yesterday, a child of 1year plus was rushed to an hospital around Akala express, the doctor did not attend to the child all because of new Naira note policy and they did not accept bank transfer as well which lead to the child’s death. Not only that but so many cases of such which cannot be all be stated here.

“It is time for students to question the reality of this unreasonable policy. We cannot take it anymore and will not watch this continue to affect our parents, friends and siblings without the government putting out a sense of accountability and necessary action of responsibility. The situation is serious affecting us, our future and leaders of tomorrow as we are called. Enough is Enough

“We are using this medium to inform all to whom it may concern and implore them all to find a lasting solution and as well putting necessary measures in place to ensure the public no longer suffer for the mismanagement and lack of foresight of CBN generally. We will no longer tolerate this mess and we are saying with one voice, Enough is Enough of treating us anyhow already.

“Conclusively, we are using this medium to inform Nigerian students to stay calm and be good citizens as we give the government time to work on these maladies. Students should make sure they vote for their desired candidates on Election Day with no fear of being intimidated in any way, not be used by politicians,s and not be biased in making decisions while voting. Do the right thing and let’s make sure we come to play our part in making the country better. It is your responsibility to vote is our right and also our duty. Do the right thing and let’s make our country right again”.