AI Tools To Get You Started As A Content Creator In 2023

How AI Is Changing PR Landscape
How AI Is Changing PR Landscape
Since the discovery of AI and the rise of ChatGPT in November last year, we have seen the development of more AI tools that are designed to enhance productivity and save time, which could be used to develop more creative ideas.

Although most people were worried that AI tools might replace certain job roles like copywriters, and content writers. Certain roles in the programming industry also felt threatened by the rise of AI. However, it has been established through various tests that AI tools can not effectively replicate very creative copywriters as well as content writers, and even programmers because their output still needs to be polished by human experts.

Content creation is one of the most sought-after skills in the last few years and more creative ideas are being developed. It is important to know how to use AI tools which could boost productivity, providing you with more time to brainstorm ideas.

Here are some tools to pick up in 2023 to get you started as a content creator

Descript(AI Audio and Video Editor)
If you are into video content or you own a podcast show, this is one AI tool you should get used to. This AI tool allows you to record your podcast even when hosts and guests are not in the same location via Zoom or Skype call. It also allows users to transcribe both video and audio calls. On descript, you can record, edit, mix, and also collaborate.

One of the huge benefits of Descript is that it requires no previous experience due to its easy-to-use settings.

Frase (AI-Powered Answer Bot)
If your content creation borders around writing, which can sometimes be difficult for writers. Frase is an AI tool that helps creates outlines based on content on the internet. Frase is also designed to suggest keywords, using answered questions by users, which could help your content rank better.

Neural Text
Neural text is a powerful AI content generation tool that automates your entire writing process. The platform offers its, users, a keyword research tool that provides them with access to several searched volumes for a particular keyword or phrase. Neural text also offers a content brief tool that provides the user with information about competitors’ content, and a search engine results page (SERP).

Neural text offers Ai copywriting tool which helps create marketing copies for things like Facebook Ads, Email subject lines, and blog outlines based on certain inputs.

One of the nice things about Copy AI is the free version that offers users its features without payment. For writers, writer’s block is not new, but with copy ai tool, you can overcome it and write content efficiently and quickly.

This is for content creators that rely heavily on images and design to create content. Canva is one of the most versatile design tools that provides its users with different templates to design and edit images and add text and video to images. With little to no experience, users can come up with designs using the already-designed templates which are available for both free and paid versions. It also allows creators to create designs with sizes specified for each social media application. Users can also schedule designs to be shared on their socials and share also with Canva’s large community of designers.