AXA Mansard Health Launches New TV Commercial To Promote Health Insurance


AXA Mansard health has launched a new television commercial tagged More Wellness For Less’.

The ‘More Wellness for less’ television commercial unveiled at weekend in Lagos, is a 1-minute commercial that highlights the importance of having a life insurance policy and seeks to enlighten the average Nigerian on the benefits they can derive from having a life insurance policy even while they are alive.

Picture this situation. A woman had an emergency with the child. Meanwhile, the husband wasn’t around and she managed to rush the child to the hospital where she was asked to deposit 30,000 nairas before any form of treatment can be administered to the child.

This woman had 31,000 nairas in her (bank) account. This is an emergency. Life is in the line. She had just that 30,000 nairas paid for.
What if she were to pay 35,000 nairas? It could be 40,000 nairas! This is a woman who does not like begging people for money; probably she could have resorted to just that. Imagine if the hospital had requested her to pay cash at this time of cash crunch; what a bad experience!

Well, this is where health insurance comes in and there could not have been a better option than AXA Mansard Health. Yes, because there is another woman who has embraced AXA Mansard’s life health insurance policy and felt calmer in the face of a child’s ill health.
The second woman is calmer because she has MyAXA App.

MyAXA Mobile App is your one-stop non-banking financial service platform. The mobile services have been specifically designed to give users a more convenient way to purchase and manage health and other insurance plans. It is available for download for iPhone and Android users.

In the case of the woman who has the app, she was able to book an appointment and on getting to the hospital the baby found herself in waiting hands. The woman is not bothered about cash.

Speaking at the TVC launch, the Chief Executive Officer of AXA Mansard Health, Tope Adeniyi told BrandSpur Nigeria that for as low as 1000 naira, Nigerians can have access to AXA Mansard Health services.

“You also have products at 2000 naira per month or easy care. There is a bronze plan that you can buy at about 60,000 nairas per annum. So, we have a range fromof simple products that enable you to have decent access to lifestyle products; you can configure them based on your lifestyle. Think about it, the value of your airtime is practically about three times the cost of buying access to more awareness or less. So, everyone can buy AXA.
Also speaking on the new development, the Chief Client Officer, AXA Mansard Insurance, Rashidat Adebisi said,

“It’s very important to us. Mental health is very topical. It has been for us for a long time. Those are some of the things that you can access under our retail products. There’s Wellness, there are genes, and there are so many things that are incorporated into it. We have telemedicine services incorporated into it. If a user prefers not to necessarily be at the hospital you can access services through telemedicine, and the medication can be delivered to you.

And we need to highlight that it’s also very affordable. I think a lot of people assume, oh AXA, they are pricey, no. But in terms of value for money, I think that we are top of the list.

In furtherance of the seamless service delivery to the users, AXA Mansard Health is working with Move.

The Country Director, Moove, Taiwo Ajibola, speaking on the 1 minute TV Commercial video that we all saw, the first lady had money. That money transfer wasn’t successful. That was the major issue there. We’ve all seen how the recent cash crunch impacted so many of us. Access to healthcare anywhere is a critical issue. With this kind of product (by AXA), you have so much access to hospitals.

We encourage Nigerians to leverage on that and we at Moove are here to make life even better for you.

Continuing, Adeniyi said they have mapped out a strategy on how people in the Diaspora can benefit from the products.

“That means those who have ‘japa’ (emigrants), can buy for their family members; they can buy for their community, and they can adopt our products to impact life.

So, you can reach out to [email protected] and we know more about the products and services.