Google To Give Users More Control With Its New Privacy Option

Google To Give Users More Control With Its New Privacy Option

Technology giant, Google is introducing a feature/rule in its app store- Google Play Store that mandates all apps to have a “readily discoverable option” which allows users to delete their account both on the app itself and on the web also. According to a blog post released by the company on Wednesday, the new feature is supposed to give users “greater clarity and control over their in-app data”.

The newest feature will apply to apps that allow you to create an account, and Google is ensuring that users won’t have to redownload an app because they have deleted it before requesting that their account also be deleted. The tech company also plans to add an option to Google Play Store that allows users to also link their web address so it can be deleted.

Although there are cautions to this new policy that developers should be aware of such as allowing users temporarily deactivate or freeze their account doesn’t meet the requirement, which also states that the developers have to delete users’ data as well as the account unless they have “legitimate reasons” to keep it, including legal and security requirements, but developers will have to disclose how they choose to keep the user’s data.

This new development would require some developers to put in more work before it goes into full effect. The company also added that the “first step” will expect developers to add more information about their data deletion practices by December 7th using Google’s existing data safety form. This enables users to see how an app handles account and data deletion from early next year, but developers can file for an extension until May 31st, 2024.

Google isn’t however the first company to implement this new feature, Apple also announced a similar policy in October 2021 and implemented it into effect in June 2022. Apple App Store also has similar requirements and caution but doesn’t compel developers to allow users to delete their accounts on the web as well.